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anzo headlights

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I almost got this one, I tried to order this but the seller said it will take a couple of weeks to arrive. That's before I saw a cheap 2013 headlight and decided that I will modify it myself. If you don't have plan to modify the headlight, then this one's for you. It should look good on our car.


There's some pictures of this headlight installed into Outback. Check this out the link below:



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I ordered these last week after I hit a deer and cracked my stock headlights. They actually should be here Tuesday. I'll post an overview and review of the lights both off and on my 2010 Legacy 2.5i Limited.
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Will do! Hopefully they are similar in quality to OEM.


And by the way, if you are looking for a place to purchase, I went through autoanything.com

You mentioned you saw they were for the Outback but on their site, you choose the make, model, and year of your car and it spits out what your headlight will look like. Yes, the headlights do fit a Legacy between 2010-2014. I did not look at any under that year.

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$780 for the pair but you get 10% with a promo code they have going on now. Comes to $702 which is $351 per headlight. OEM headlights were going to run me $360 each so I figured, why not?


But we'll see if mine even get here. I typed in all of my shipping information correctly according to AutoAnything's purchase receipt, yet FedEx spelled my town's name incorrectly by one letter.

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I'm hoping to buy the new 2015 Legacy when it comes out. Depending on what the headlights look like on it I may buy these at that point. I'm hoping they come with LED DRL's from the factory.
They do, at least a C shape unit similar to the BRZ/FXT and new WRX/STI. The headlights are a new design, different from the 5th gen Legacy/Outback.


2015 BN25 / BN36


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Just got my Anzos today. The packing slip does say Outback Headlights but, of course, they should fit the same. The assemblies themselves do appear to be very high quality; very similar to OEM assemblies. The only discernible difference in the housing itself is the plastic arm/clip which mounts above the fender. OEM assemblies have those built into the housing as one continuous piece while the Anzos come with the arms/clips separated and attachable via included screws (coincidentally, these arms/clips are what cracked on my OEM housing, meaning I would have to buy a whole new assembly). I included some initial pictures. There is also a photo of the bag with the aforementioned arms/clips, screws, and a certain wiring adapter (not exactly sure what it is for just yet). As you can see by the rear photograph, it appears as though the stock wiring harness should fit just as an OEM would.










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Well they are CCFL Projector headlights. I have very little experience with headlights so I apologize if I sound ill informed on the topic. Any way I could tell by looking at the actual assembly? The description is not very helpful.
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This is a close up of the adapter. I can't really see where it would go. I was thinking it may just be an additional piece that comes with them for some reason. There was only one for the pair so it is not like an adapter would go on each headlight.


Any information would be appreciated!




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