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Bigleben's New exhaust setup - Varex inside


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I wanted to share my new exhaust system that I installed this january in my search for the perfect combo between loud rumble and OEMish quiet.


First, a little background on my exhaust setups:


1. Like almost every member here : hogzhaust on OEM turboback.

After a while I grew tired of the "whistle sound" of the leak when stepping on it (stg1 at at time)


2. Stg2 installation : cxracing catback "resonated" version (same as X02, cxlightning, ebay, DNA, etc...)


The sound was awesome at the beginning, not to loud outside but after a while I got tired of the drone while cruising on the highway. My thoughts was the volume was louder inside then outside :spin:


3. Put my OEM mufflers back on with the ebay mid/Y. Nice and quiet but once in a while I would love some rumble so I went stg2.5 hogzhaust :rolleyes: 2 washers on 1 side :lol::lol:


4. After a long search I managed to get my hands on the well-known Prodrive mufflers :wub:

Installed them with high expectations of a drone-free setup with a nice sound. Unfortunately the drone was still there and kinda annoying on a daily basis. I was pretty sure the ebay mid-Y was the culprit of the drone due to the "resonator" as once again the volume was louder inside then outside :spin:


5. After looking/reading and searching (yes some people still do that :eek::lol:) I ordered a TurboXS mid-pipe to mate with 2 varex mufflers 2.5'' in/out. At 1st i was skeptical about it with our winter up here, but some local suby member are still running trouble-free their varex after 3+ years so I decide to give it a shot.


Now the interesting part :


Old setup (ebay + prodrives)



TXS midpipe installed



1 varex out of the box





1 done, another to go



Final touch-up on tip and alignment. FYI the tips are from the magnaflow version of the wrx08+ quad tip outlet cutted so each tip goes on each mufflers :cool: Can't look more OEM then that :)



1 Last look before final welding



The butterfly valves controller wired up and now ready to rumble on a click of a button :cool:





I'm very pleased with the results!! A bit louder then with my OEM mufflers on but there is no drone at all on the highway ( i can hear the tires :eek:). When I start my car in the morning or get home late at night I don't wakeup the entire neighbors (or feel like I am). Long trips with a loaded car are now bearable.


But the best is : whenever I feel like it or need to pass traffic, 1 touch of a button and let the rumble begin :icon_mrgr


For more info on the varex mufflers :


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holy hell, your next investment should be a car wash!


Between december and march its useless around here :spin:


Don't see anything on their website for these. Did you have to get them modified?


On LP website (there's probably a retailer in the US)? You have to contact them directly as its a "special order". You can look on ebay too but the shipping is expensive as they ship from australia.

You can choose between the 3'' in/out or 2.5'' in/out or whatever suits your needs. Look on the xforce website to see every option available.

Basically you receive only a muffler and need to weild: tip/hangers and pipe + flange to mate to your mid pipe.


sounds really good!

Thanks !!

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