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Trunk cover keep crushing down

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Hey guys

I have this problem, every time i put the grocery bags in my trunk the trunk wheel cover crushes down towards the spare wheel.

Here's a photo to emphasize it:


Number 11 in the drawing keeps on crushing, number 12 suppose to hold it down but it doesn't.

Does anyone else have this problem and maybe he found out how to deal with it.

It's frustrating.. :icon_frow


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I got rid of my spare and also have this problem. I've been thinking about making up some kind of simple support to stick in across the area for the spare.

i don't want to get rid of the spare.

Do you have an idea how to build this support ?

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Sorry, but what do you want me to cut ??

He's joking. Use a panel of something thin & rigid. Or wedge something between the spare tire & the panel to keep it from collapsing. The OEM solution is the grey foam piece that Strizzy posted.

Tits mcgee
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I've run into this on multiple SUbaru's over the years, especially on the wagons when carrying very heavy things in the trunk.


The Gen1 Legacies had a hard plastic plate that used button snaps to the carpet, and a hard plastic tool tray that sat on the body of the car, not the spare tire itself. Looks like they went to save weight/cost with the later generation Leggies...


Just fashion up something to bolster the support - plywood, foam, plastic, etc.


If you removed the spare tire (why?) then just put a piece of 1" board across the opening - as wide as would fit.

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