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Starting My Stage Three Build (Need Suggestions)

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Hey all,


Long time lurker here at LGT.com


Formerly in a 99 STM 2.5rs (miss that little guy)


Now own my 2006 Spec B since 2010, #394. Currently 79,500 Miles


Been on a stage 1 OTS AP Tune since the day after I bought it.


Recently got the mod bug, I blame it on having my first child recently.


Started out with


Cobb MAF Intake with box

Invidia HFC Down Pipe

Invidia Q300


Ran this set up with the MAF Intake OTS Cobb stage two map for a few weeks and then the TOB decided to start going.


Went to Southcoast Subaru, Great place that will mod cars. Installed


CM100 Clutch Kit



Got the car back and the clutch had a lighter pedal feel then stock surprisingly but seems to hold very well and with minimal to non-existent chatter


A few days ago I went to Cobb Tuning in Fountain Valley and was planning for a dyno tune and bought the following to be installed prior.


Cobb Up Pipe



They did a smoke test and go figure the stock TMIC was already cracked slightly. So after some consideration I have decided to go to stage III, Ronnie at Cobb is currently placing a parts list together in addition to what I said I wanted to do.


Key things I want for the set up, Conservative Tune on 91 and also a E85 map shortly after. Reliability will be a key factor here as this is my DD, wr250r Yamaha Dual Sport is my backup, lol, if the car ever sees major problems and is down for awhile. My plan is to do a full fuel upgrade for added safety.


I will want to be at around 270 to 290whp on CA 91 and the most complete supporting mods recommended. Then i'll take whatever corn can give me with a latter also slightly conservative tune. No plans for tracking or dragging just love on ramps and the occasional traffic light romp.


Here is the supporting mods I'm currently thinking about and anyone with experience at stage three who wants to recommend something else please do so!




Invidia HFC Down Pipe

Invidia Q300

Cobb Up Pipe

Cobb MAF Intake with box




VF52 (open to suggestions as well)

New Oil Feed Lines

Process West 09 WRX TMIC (since they don't make the LGT one anymore, PW said it will fit and only the diverter needs modification)

Cobb 3 port EBCS


Top Feed Conversion

TGV Deletes

ID850 or ID1000

Recirculating BPV (not sure which is best with PW IC as I heard fitment is tight)

Turbo Inlet (not sure which is recommended or if stock is ok)

Dyno Tune for 91 and E85


Getting really excited about this after literally tearing this site upside down looking at threads.


Thanks in advance,



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With no suspension / braking mods even being mentioned along with the goals that you state, you're doing it wrong.


Go with a simple stage 2 tune with supporting mods (fuel pump, BPV, upgraded intercooler of some sort, catless UP, EBCS) and dump the rest of your money into suspension / brakes. If you're honest about your goals you'll be happier with the result.

"Bullet-proof" your OEM TMIC! <<Buy your kit here>>


Not currently in stock :(

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I was thinking that I would just be getting similar to the factory blistiens, as I like the current ride height. I don't do much for ripping twisties, generally just out if the corners. For brakes I do have new rotors and upgraded pads.


Also really want to get that vf40 out before it goes pop.

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Agree with them guy's.


My wagon is on stock fueling with the vf52 and made 280 on a mustang dyno.


contact "m sprank" and see what he can get you for koni's and epic or a decent spring.


My wagon (koni's and epic's) handles better than my Spec B.

305,600miles 5/2012 ej257 short block, 8/2011 installed VF52 turbo, @20.8psi, 280whp, 300ftlbs. (SOLD).  CHECK your oil, these cars use it.


Engine Build - Click Here

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You are really crossing over the line of a "reliability-focused" build. For example why would you convert to E85 on a reliability build? You are totally fine with stock fueling... same with stock inlet and BPV.


It seems like you want big power, and you're gonna be very disappointed when you've dumped all your money into supporting mods for a weak turbo. I didn't even go as big as you and I wish I had gone with an 18g to feel the difference more. If you don't care about twisties like you say, screw the springs and put the money towards a bigger turbo.


aftermarket "reliability" build would look a lot like mine, I think I did:


new filtered fuel lines

3 port

up pipe (downpipe also for performance)

new turbo hardware


ummm that's it

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For the price of a VF52 you can get a bigger BNR tubro, 18G or 20G. Depending on what kind of driving you do. According to what M.Sprank told me, an 18G is a very good all around turbo. As the turbos get bigger the time to boost is longer, so if you want a light to light turbo smaller is better. If you wan't passing on the freeway speed a bigger turbo is more appropriate. The 18G is a good combination of both. I can't comment on performance yet though becasue I haven't yet put my engine back in my car.
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Would the BNR 16g or the VF52 be more hard on the stock pump and injectors? I really just don't want to be close to lean anywhere.


This is the primary reason I wanted to do a fuel pump and injectors, just so I have peace of mind that the pump and injectors are not being overworked.


I figured doing supporting mods that can handle 350 to 380whp and run at 280 to 300 or so would make for a very bulletproof set up.

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Doesn't my spec B already have a larger RSB and better blistein inverted struts? I do realize they are on there last leg however and should be replaced eventually, will the konis bolt up to my stock tophats?


Also I'm pretty set on going to upgraded fueling and aftermarket TMIC, although Cobb has stated that they will not tune a car with DW injectors and recommended the ID's. Only problem is I don't see Injector Dynamic side feeds anywhere which is where the top feed conversion is coming from.


I realize this is all seeming like I just want to write cobb a blank check and say go crazy but I really want your opinions on stage three.


What you like about your set up.

What you would have done differently.

What you would recommend with my ideal goals of slightly higher than stage two power and extreme reliability.

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spec B has same RSB as LGTs but they do have the Bilstein dampers. Konis will work but your better served to replace the tophats with either the LGT KYB style or the Whiteline Com-C.


You're not the first person that's mentioned Cobb won't tune DW injectors. I think DW sidefeeds are good up until the 850cc's and then they become less favorable, from 1000cc and up due to idling issues some have experienced. At that flow rate, top feed is a better bet anyhow and ID does have a nice top feed conversion option.


edit: I'd talk with Mike at Infamous Performance and Tuning before writing a big check to Cobb. He's a really experienced vendor with these cars and in your area. He has a new Mustang dyno for in house tuning as well.

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Spec b sway bars are they same size as the lgt. Koni will not work with your top hats. Bilstein HD's are a good improvement over the oem spec b struts. Bilstein can also rebuild your struts ther will just be a long lay over time


I like my power set up because I wanted 300whp reliably which so far it has been. My suspension is great for DD I have rallitek fsb, whiteline RSB, bilstein HD's with stock springs.


If I were to do it again I would want stage 2 power or even stage one (obviously custom tuned for both) and do whiteline front and rear sways lower control arm bushings and koni inserts. With 300whp I started to notice my suspension needed to catch up with my power. I had all that power with basically stock suspension. Only over the past year I've started suspension stuff and as soon as I did the RSB I realized I prefer handling more then power. It's nice to tell people how much power I make however my car rarely sees more then 10psi


I also started autox'ing this past year and a half and the turbo swab put me in street mod which puts me against highly modified sti's on slicks.


I think max has a reliable set up. Mine is also reliable just the Perrin tmic was kind of a waste of money.

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