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So I was looking/cleaning up through my UserCP in the forum software and came upon this group:




I know that Volvo had an R edition car, but this is a Subaru website. What group is this? Is it for like special SpecB owners or something else? I don't want to join if it is going to erase my post count or something else weird.


I could ask the team leaders, but somehow I think I would not get the truth.


I am really intrigued and demand the truth! :spin::hide:




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You just broke Rule 1.


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You just broke Rule 1.


But but! I did not see any rules, and it is just there looking back at me! :spin:

Probably because the rule for the Group Membership is the same as the rule for the Social Group (Uncategorized, page 2) -


The first rule about /t/ is you don't talk about /t/.

The second rule about /t/ is you don't talk about /t/.

The third rule about /t/, please refer to the first two



State this because the picture they posted for the group has the /r/ within it -- http://legacygt.com/forums/image.php?groupid=17&dateline=1342914647




where in usercp is that?


Networking section -- where you find Contacts and Friends (on the default, left hand side)

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