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Little help needed in finding right caliper to order


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I have a 2008 Outback XT and I am going to upgrade my rear brakes to Legacy GT brakes. So I ordered all the parts, I got new rotors and pads from KNS, and these look right. They are vented rotors, a little larger than my Outback rotors.


However I got the calipers from rockauto, and opened them up and found they sent the exact same calipers I already have. I double checked their site and they are showing the same rear calipers for Legacy GT, Outback and Legacy 2.5i.


So anyway if someone know part numbers of what I need to order, and where to order I'd appreciate it. I know I can go to the dealer, but was hoping to save a little money.



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I was too lazy to read any of the thread....I just read the title and figured I knew the answer.


You need help picking the right caliper, correct?


This is easy. If it says its for the left side, then you have the wrong one and pick the other one.


I sincerely hope this was helpful.


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^Ignore this wise-ass :lol:


Here you go









In all seriousness it seems that the rears are the same caliper. I know that LGT's are supposed to have better brakes but have not personally looked into it. Looking online and finding that the same rear caliper is sold for 2.5i, 2.5GT, and the 3.0 I am led to believe that the difference is probably in the front calipers.


Like I said though, I have not looked into it enough to provide factual feedback. Just going off a quick search via a parts retailer.

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It's not the same. The GT has a 11.3 in vented rotor, and my Outback has a 10.77 in solid rotor. I think the 2.5i Legacy has same rear brake as the Outback.


Ken from KNS should get back with me today to order the correct calipers. Working the return with Rockauto now.

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