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"Bullet Proof" TMIC Kits

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As always, for those who have the skills and inclination, my original plans are available on request via email to jeffhufman@yahoo.com.


That said, were I to need a BP Mod again, I’d buy a kit. It’s not hard to make, but it is exacting and time consuming.


It’s rewarding to see the time-proven results of my once disparaged original name and claims. The Bullet Proof TMIC Mod is just what it says... thanks in large part to this great website, legacygt.com.

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Do what? Who would disparage such a godsend?


There was a lot of skepticism about whether the BP mod would actually be effective in allowing people to run high boost reliably on the stock TMIC when it came out.


Lots of people still think the lower flow rate of the stock TMIC means it should be replaced on Stage 3 and above cars, but in terms of reliability, the record has proven the haters wrong.

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