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WTF this is annoying.

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i still dont know if this noise is caused by a worn idler pulley, or my tob. towards the end it almost makes a new sound, a different one than in the beginning. its annoying as hell, thats for sure.


goes away with clutch pressed in.

only makes noise in neutral or 1st gear.

is alot noiser at start up than operating temp.



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Is there a video there? I can't see that at work.


I'm guessing input shaft bearing.


Thinking out loud here:


If I'm correct, the TOB should not be moving unless your foot it pressing in the clutch pedal ?


In neutral the clutch should not be spinning, the only things spinning are the FW and PP.


So the input shaft of the tranny should not be rotating too. So that say's it shouldn't be the input shaft bearing.


Yet you have the noise in 1st gear.

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did you order the new clutch yet?


+1 for tob.


an excessively worn idler pully will sound like rod knock at idle and will not go away when you depress or release the clutch

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That is what our TOB sounded like and changed the way you described.


The funny part is my wife took the car to our subie mechanic for a $24 oil change. After changing oil he started car up and thought he forgot the engine oil. Apparently it finally seized for him. Good timing.


For us $850 fix including the labor & clutch but kept old flywheel.

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