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Best Exhaust rumble

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If you want quiet, get a catted DP.

If you want more quiet, you can add/weld a resonator/muffler to the mid pipe.

If you want more more quiet, add some headers to reduce drone.


CNT Quad tip: Good rumble, pretty quiet, pretty cheap ($499 from CNT). This is what I use now.


What I've gone through before this:

Hawgsawst exhaust- Good if you are on a super budget ($5 for a pack of washers)

GMS / XO2: They are the cheapest 3" CBE, but also some of the loudest. Sounds kool, but nowhere near subtle.

Megan Racing quadtip - Good rumble, not so great fitment.

Stromung quadtip - Great material, great fitment, kinda expensive, kinda droney if you don't have headers.

Prodrive mufflers - Pretty quiet, nice rumble. Arguably the best non-quad tip mufflers. Can connect with stock y-pipe, but for a bit better performance you need a bigger mid-y pipe (perrin or AVO or GMS).


From the research I've done:

Single tip custom has been done, but is louder than dual tip.

Borla & HKS sound kool, but a bit on the louder side.

SPT / Bosal is also pretty good, more on the quiet side.


Search youtube: "Legacy exhaust". Lots of samples there.

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Do yourself a favor and see if you can meet up with any local members that have an exhaust. The sound clips on this site are a great start but what you hear is severly limited by the recording equipment used, your playback device, and any ambient noise around. I've heard a few different brands in person and they sounded very different to me then the clips. In particular the borla sounded much better in person as well as the bosal 1.5 which I now have. Good luck.
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My favorite sound so far has been the Cobb catback - which I am sad I sold - but it was just a bit too loud for my life (not being 17 anymore). Great wonderful rumble without being too "look at me". Cruising through parking lots at low rpm it rumbled sooo nice. On the freeway it was near quiet, and when you get on it it tones up and sounds amazing again. My issue was 30-50mph stop and go city driving. This is where it became annoying to me and this is about 80% of my driving. Also I live in a small quiet community and when I would start my car my entire house would shake (garage below my condo) and I'm sure the neighbors felt it too.


I am running cobb mid + Y on prodrive cans. As it is I think it's about perfect. Not too quiet that you forget it's there but not so loud that it gets annoying or that cops will give you a second glance. I'm actually scared to get a DP because I don't want it any louder. That's a problem I'll deal with after my hexmods vb is ready though.

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I've got the FMS catback with CNT catted DP and invidia up. I love the sound and its not loud. At idle its a little louder than stock with a deeper rumble. At cruise to WOT, it sounds great and isn't annoyingly loud. I have a 3 year old and she doesn't run away from the sound. I plan on getting UEL headers for it eventually so it should sound even better after that.
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