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So I've got the EGR flow malfunction. (among others)


I opened the EGR valve manually the engine (idling) dropped rpms but remained stable. So there is exhaust gas flow not sure if enough though.. it might be the vacuum lines but i can't get them off with out fear of snapping the ends.


EDIT: when the egr is open it's the sound and performance i was talking about. I don't know if it's not closing all the way. is that possible?

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first check the lines running around the egr. take the egr and clean it and make sure everything is clear. also check the egr pipe if its clear.


if nothing works, then it can be the solenoid that hides under the intake manifold just below the egr. when i took that solenoid off, there was a bunch of moisture and stuff running out of it. i assume it was a bad/stuck solenoid. my buddy just so happened to have a spare intake manifold laying around so i stole that solenoid and the light has been away since.


don't replace anything until you know the lines, pipe, and egr are clear/clean. i've read about people spending a bunch of money chasing this problem.

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you can't accuratly test it without a vacuum gauge. as well, you need to hook up a vacuum gauge the the line coming from the car to see if its up to spec....well, thats if you want to do it "the right way"


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I did what you said broknindarkagain. the egr can hold a vacuume pressure no problem. no leaks or anything.


i don't get it. i traced all the tubes/lines near this thing and the two lines coming from the top of the intake manifold that go to that thing.


(steel line goes to it from egr. it has 3 vacuum lines coming out of it... THIS THING! )



(EGR behind it)


It was full of carbon and reeked of gasoline. the steel attached underneath was full of carbon as well. Could be a near by clog.


the hose you see that does the loop (in main focus) i put a vacuum gauge to it on the end where the Q on the thing above would be and with one pump the gauge sky rocketed.

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OK so after realizing thats the BPT...


there's stable vacuum pressure after this that goes to the solenoid.

after the solenoid however, it is unstable and drops out to nothing. think i may of found my problem.

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Go to a junkyard and pull one from the cleanest engine you can.

While Subaru lists different part numbers for different years, the cost is low.

Also take the purge control solenoid while there. Looks similar and may be mounted on your passenger strut tower or under throttle body area, passenger side.

Both are pricey and are dealer parts.

I paid $10 each.



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