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Time for new tires?


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Hey all, I have some 18 inch rota grids on my 05 leggy gt. Currently have some 215/40 yokohomas but the ride feels a little stiff. Was wondering what I should set the tire pressure to, door placard says 34/32 but I like it when its closer to 35 / 34 .


also any recommendations for my next set of tires? I pulled this from the stickied posts


215/40/18 (uncommon tire size, close to OEM overall tire diameter, good for daily driving)

225/40/18 (typical sizing, most popular size, GREAT for daily driving)

235/40/18 (very large, but great for pot-hole city driving, may need fender rolling)

I use the car a lot for long commutes on the 101 freeway where there are some bad parts on the freeway.

Was a little surprised about uncommon tire size. Would the 235s be too big or just right for my needs? =) Thanks all

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Try a little less pressure.


225/40 should be ok for a DD. The Spec has 225/45-18, next time I'm thinking ot going with a 235/40.


Though the 225/45-18 sidewall looks ok, yet the 225/45-18 DWS I have on other wheels look a little tall.

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