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Undercover Oil Filter Door missing. Any harm?


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I've been hearing a light scraping noise for the last day. This morning I noticed that the oil filter access panel of the undercover tray was hanging by one popin. I pulled the panel off and noticed it was kinda twisted. I've got a catless up and down pipe. I don't track or drive hard. I've got a couple questions:


1) Did the heat from the up pipe (closest one to that panel\door) melt\twist the access panel? I noticed slight warping in the same area but, it could be the angle I was at.


2) Can I just drive around without an oil access panel? Any harm to the undercarriage or parts?




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*bump* Anyone have the part number? Just noticed I lost mine today as well.


Taken from what was left of mine...




Your Price:$32.38 (Highway Robbery for such a small piece of plastic) Not fredbeans prices!

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Hmm, you're sure that's right? I was searching on the forum and found this:



Few people saying it's not the right one, at least not for an 2006. But I can't imagine the 06 being different from the 05... Go figure.


interesting, i got the part number off the top of my broken one. cheaper is always better ;)

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