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exhaust hanging


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I noticed on my BL LGT that my left (driver side) exhaust was hanging a bit lower than the other side... thought it was just mine..


but now, 1000 miles away, I pulled out of a gas station in Baltimore.. and another BL LGT had the exact same thing..


Is this common? What's the fix, replace the mounts/bracket?

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Either you had already searched for that or that was what Google had returned for an object hanging lower than the other :p


Pull the exhaust on the low side out of the hanger(s) and move it up to the middle hole (which is really just a gap between upper and lower holes). Or use poly hangers on that side. They don't stretch as much.


Well the exhaust is going to be replaced anyways, but I hadn't looked at it close enough to determine if the hanger bar was bent or if the poly hanger was broken or stretched.

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my passanger side magnaflow tip is lower and inward more than my driver's side. Will the metal hose clamp trick fix this problem?



If its off by a little bit it might, if its like my gms crap then no. Then you need to heat it up and bend it :lol:

276hp/347tq On a DynoJet

Dyno Video - Had a big lean spot as you can tell in the second pull

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