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$300 for a set of lugnuts. wtf??!!!??


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While I probably wouldn't spend $300 for lugs, I think if you are going to put nice wheels on your car, an extra $300 for lugs isn't gonna hurt. They do have rotating seats so they don't scratch the wheels. If I had Rotas, I surely woundn't spend the money on them. I put $150 in my lugs for my Works and I like them a lot. I also spent an extra $60 for matching valve stems. I guess that makes me an idiot, but I get a lot of respect from many for buying quality parts and not cheap knockoffs.
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I own a set of these, they're on my STI. I got them when I picked up a set of custom Gloss Black 18x9+40 Volk TE37s. The reason is because I needed better lugs than what I had, and I'm keeping the STI until I die. So, I'd rather pay a bit extra for nice stuff since I'm going to have it for a long time to come.






Never did get the center caps I ordered. I need to take care of that. And a set of longer racing studs are in the future too.

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you gotta pay to play.



That you do. I have two sets of Rays Extended lug nuts. They go for around $230 a set, and soon to pick up a set of Rays valve stems that are $80 for the set :lol:

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