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Lifted Legos

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As we know this is the next and greatest trend in the subie world. So please post your rides. Before and afters... Parts you used and inspirations that got you there. :cool:




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Id first like to throw out my inspiration to my project



And here is a lovely article with far too little info on it.



It started like this



And sits like this now




soon it will be this




Jackson Rally 1" lift kit. 06 Forester xt shocks and springs

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'08 Fozzy struts/springs/top hats, Subtle Solutions 1" saggy butt spacers. 225/50 tires on '05 LGT wheels.





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Another day and now this is how she will sit for a while at least the winter. No money left haha





If you guys dont mind going to NASIOC I have a full writeup on the whole project up to todays progress. Hop over and have a read


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This is badass! You need some centercaps though - some thrifty Jeepers have been known to paint Country Crock butter tubs black and use them. Possibly also put the spare in the trunk - maybe standing up on the driver's side, like Jeep XJs had them.
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Bringing this back up. I will be adding my 97' Outback to the list of lifted Legos in the next couple weeks (once its warmer and I get new struts). I'm not doing the Forester struts though. I designed my own spacers on Solidworks and am going to CNC them out of 1.25" thick HDPE with the same hardware that JR uses with their spacers. Will cost me about a quarter of the price as Subtles and JR's for the complete set with hardware. I'm going to run some 215/75R15 General Grabber A/Ts or Yoko Geo A/Ts once my current 215/70R15 Yokos wear out. Should have plenty of clearance with the extra 1.25". Here's a pic of the 1" spacers I had CNC'd for the GC/GF/GM Imprezas... I just need to mock-up the rear spacer to a Legacy strut top to check the fit and then cut out the final product.




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Ya, one of the benefits of working at a high end wood shop... And having a CNC operator that will run whatever you want for the price of a Copper Creek cheeseburger :bbq:!!! :lol: I'm thinking of making a few extra sets once I get mine all dialed in as far as fitment and selling them to a few members who may be interested for fairly cheap, like half of Subtle or JR. Just an idea though... (any interest? :rolleyes:) Lol...
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