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Logging when IAM < 1.0


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I was wondering, if after resetting my ECU or flashing, the IAM is reduced. Is there any point in doing data logs while the IAM is reduced? I can see monitoring for knock, but past that? Shouldn't we wait until the IAM is 1.0 again?



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If you're logging for "power"-related tuning, there's virtually no reason to log, the way I see it, unless your IAM is max'ed (and anything less than a max'ed IAM, read before the session, would make me pause before trying to engage in a high-load WOT pull: i.e. "what caused my IAM to drop?").


Like the others have all said, IAM should really max itself out after a reset/reflash very, very quickly, without any particular external prodding or pushing. The "Vishnu Reset" used to be popular, but if it is even remotely possible that your car does have something mechanically awry, pushing it that way isn't the smartest thing to do, either.


With a good tune, a car in good mechanical shape and with good fuel, the IAM should re-establish itself at max very, very quickly. As with what NSFW authored in his datalogging guides (and what logan said above - I need to type faster! :redface:), just click and check on that parameter before and after the run, to be sure that all's OK. There's no real reason to datalog the parameter, unless something is wrong with the car and you want to see when IAM is pulled (but is that even helpful?).

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