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looking to buy a 2005 legacy GT

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read the sticky at the top of this forum about who has the most miles.


BTW Welcome.


Mine has 128,000 miles and runs good, other have not been so lucky. Over all it's a good car as long as it was taken care of. Regular oil changes. DOn't worry about how clean the outside is. that's not important. It's what the inside looks like that matters.


Not to scare you, but it seems like the used ones have issues with in the next 10,000 miles after they are bought.


But that's just from the small amount of guy's here.


read around the forum there are all kinds of threads about problems.


BTW, my tranny has been rebuilt 3 times. Turbo's fine.

305,600miles 5/2012 ej257 short block, 8/2011 installed VF52 turbo, @20.8psi, 280whp, 300ftlbs. (SOLD).  CHECK your oil, these cars use it.


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Hey Pitt! Glad you are considering a Subie. First, all of these legacies have boxer engines. Like any used car, 91000 miles could be very hard miles or mostly highway.


Some things that you should ask and we need to know before


How much?

How many owners?

Any mods?

What sort of maintenance records does the car have?

Clean carfax?


A member on here is selling a sweet white LGT 5spd with less miles than that for 13000.

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I've got 96k on mine and havent had a problem with the actual engine. I even upgraded the turbo about 20k miles ago. The clutch, yes, the rear wheel bearing replaced under warranty, other random issues occasionally, but other than that its a good car. You have to know what your getting yourself into when you look for a Subaru, new or used. It would seem that they all have quirks, but its a matter of whether your willing to live with them or not. My wife thinks my car is a ticking time bomb and has problems all the time, but I think its a wonderful machine that just needs more TLC to keep it running properly.
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Maybe I got lucky, but I bought my 05 GT with 108k on the clock, now just crossed 117k, and haven't had a single issue other than a driver's side headlight bulb going out. As said before, Definitely look into the car's past and try to get service records (I was lucky enough that mine was serviced at the dealer its entire life (one owner), and know everything that was done to the car since the odo was at 25 miles.) BTW got it for 10k out the door in August 2009. If the price is right, and it's been taken care of, I'd bite.
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Like I've said before, I have a 40k Mile 2005 lightweight LGT wagon in 5MT that has had no issues (other than silly little issues under warranty) and I will sell it for the low low price of $40K USD.


Amazing car with 5 years of basically trouble free and money-free motoring.


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Hi everyone! I am willing to buy a used Legacy and I have found two imported GTs from USA (I live in Europe).


One has a 5+1MT and the other is an AT. Both are built around late 2005 or early 2006 and have about 35-50.000 miles on board.


Now, I know that Subaru makes great engines and they last for long if they are not modified by a 10 year old kid, but how about the transmision and other stuffs?


What should I look for (noises, smoke, oil colour)??? BTW, what's the service interval in USA? We have to service our Subarus in Europe every 15.000km which is roughly 9k miles.


Many thanks!



EDIT: I forgot to mention the price... about 9-9.500 euros (12.000$)



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