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Evil, evil castle nut...

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I've been working on this thing for two days now. So much for getting a CV joint for $16. I've spent a crapload on tools by now, but at least I get to keep them.


Things I've tried (everything short of drilling it, it seems):


I've snapped 3 breaker bars.

- Drove up onto a breaker bar and lifted the front end about 6". (This is not how one snapped)


- Used about a gallon of PB Blaster.


- Used a torch and a can of compressed air to no avail.


- Hit it with a hammer countless times to loosen it up.


- Brought it up to Pep Boys and had them use the impact. Nothing...


I'm sure I tried more than this, but I cant remember at this point.

I honestly have no more ideas on what to do besides drilling through the castle nut or dropping the exhaust and getting the axle from the engine side and hoping I can have more room to work with. I suppose I could saw through the CV Joint under the boot and push it out through the front, but I'm not sure about that either. If anyone has any better ideas let me know.

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So the drilling process was started last night. From 7-10pm with a hammer drill (not on the hammer setting of course) but at pretty high RPM. Maybe got a little over a 1/4 of an inch into it while allowing time for the drill too cool down. Tried hitting it with a torch to see if it'd go faster and it didn't. Ready to junk the car lol Getting so freakin annoyed with this.


VENT POST...*sigh*

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That sucks.


If you can still get a socket on the nut, take it to a shop that works on big equipment. like a Tractor trailer shop, they should have a momma impact gun. like This:




If you can't get a socket on it, I'd try to find a used hub/knuckle at a salvage yard...

All I need now is a hill holder and a center passing light...
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Yeah, my situation wasn't exactly normal. I was hoping to drill through the whole thing and chisel it off. 7 hours of drilling and I got through it (these bastards are tough) and it was pretty much completely welded. Spent about 20 minutes straight on it with a sledgehammer and chisel and nothing happened. Gave in and got a new hub since I didnt have time to try and work on it anymore since I had to pick a friend up from the airport. All in all the fix with tools cost me about $75, but I got some sweet new tools including a torch :D


I'll try and get a few pictures of the menace sometime

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