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2007 LGT Spec B vs 2007 Mazdaspeed 6


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The lease on my m35x will be expiring soon and I have currently narrowed down to the 2 cars that I would really like to get myself in to.


At this point I am leaning more towards the LGT but there is a quite price difference between the two cars plus here in Canada it is much harder to find a spec B.


I have had a chance to drive the MS6 and really liked it, it was quite fast and the cockpit was well made and comfortable, I still have to find a Spec B to test drive.


I would like to hear the pros and cons that all of you might throw at me, and of course I would like to be fully compelled in to getting an LGT even though it’s more expensive and harder to find.

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I have a spec b and my friend has a ms6. the pros and cons of both cars are pretty equal.


ie(albiet biased towards the spec b). ms6 is slightly bigger, Spec b has a more reliable drivetrain, ms6 can be modded for more power than a spec b(w/o heavy engine mods), Spec B has more mod options and doesnt suffer as much heat soack at the TMIC, MS6 has different trim levels, Spec B only 1 Fully loaded, MS6 has leather seats, Spec b leather and alcantera


whatever you choose make sure you have the right oil.

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If you want to keep it relatively stock, I'd get the MS6. If you plan on heavy mods I'd go with the Legacy.


this shootout was instrumental in my picking up the MS6:



From my post in other thread:


The last Mazdaspeed6 was a great car...I used to own one. In stock form, it was better than the SpecB in almost every way. The only reason it lost in 0-60 was due to gearing (couldn't hit 60 in 2nd).


The problem was, it was tuned near to it's limits from the factory. When I started looking into mods, I found that gains were marginal and a lot of people looking for big power were damaging their engines. The few who were successful in getting power were blowing up drivetrain components (shearing half-axles and the like). I traded it in for an Evo that went from 225 to 300 WHP with a catback and an Accessport tune.


I don't know if some Japanese manufacturers just aren't over-engineering their cars like they used to, or if the factory tuning houses are just much more agressive...probably both.

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Can MS6 be reprogrammed in stock form?


Yes. They offer an accessport for the speed6. So you can either go with their tunes or find an e-tuner with some experience in the mazda area.

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Don't know about factory extended warranty options for the speed6. Without one I wouldn't risk buying it. Too many special parts.

And if you're reading 2006 comparison note that spec.b has fixed a few 'missing features' list, adding stability control, sat radio etc.


All that and I wouldn't buy a car with fake AWD. I'd rather have FWD over on-demand AWD.

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