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Underglow?? yes or no??? - TEXAS


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It's likely legal to install it and turn it on if your vehicle is stationary and not moving.



Blue and red aftermarket lighting is always dicey as they mimic police light bar colours.



I'm just going off the general concensus across North America and in no way know Texas laws.



I admit I had a lot of neon 'inside' my cars when I was younger, under front seats, and in the trunk and inside bandpass sub boxes.



But this was back in 1999. A long time ago when the trend was fresh.

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<---- is how I feel about neons.


As far as laws go, I'm pretty sure as long as they are not blue or red (and maybe white) they are legal. I see green ones on the street from time to time, mostly on "SLAB's", if y'all know what I mean.

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Yep "Slow Loud And Bangin'", associated with Houston. Usually outfitted with some crazy sound system. I see underglows on cars that mostly look like the one below. I also went to an Austin Tuner's meet where a kid sat and told me about how his car was all show and no go(yes it was killing me inside)...walked out to check out everyone's car and his had neons EVERYWHERE, strobing and all.



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