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New car.


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Congrats man!


Two Subie family just like mine!


Wife: 2007 6 cyl. Outback, Eddie Bauer edition.

Me: 2008 Legacy, 2.5i Limited.


Oh - I did change car - not add an extra. I did get a gearbox problem with my old so I made a trade-in with it. Something with the center diff that started to go bad - so a $1200 value deduction for that.


And it hasn't been driven too much either - only just below 29k miles.


nice, wish we got those headlights with headlight sprayers here for legacys.


They have been pretty much standard here for decades on many cars. Between the 70's and mid 90's they were mandatory. And they are actually nice to have. Something like the heated seats that has been a standard feature since the 80's here.

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I'm not sure I like the grille myself, but that's a minor issue, you can't get everything! :D


A few more pics I took the other day. I didn't do any white balance adjustment on them so they are a bit on the blue side.








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It's those small chrome romboid shapes below the lights near the grille.


They are pushed forward by the water pressure and reveals the nozzles that sprays the headlights.



Interesting, was there a similar version for the 05-07 headlight? Anyone tried retrofitting into a US vehicle?

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Not that I know of. My previous had the -05 headlights and it didn't have any sprayers.


But there is nothing that stops you from making a mod yourself, but that will require some tinkering.



First off, I'm rude... I meant to lead off my first post with "your car looks great!"


As far as the sprayers I am going to copy Gator GT 's setup which is barely noticable, but thought I'd ask about the factory hidden first if it was a possibility. Thanks for the help!

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It was a question of price and availability for the moment - and the only one that was priced within my reach was a Forester, it would have increased my monthly cost by about $100 on the loan.


Keep in mind that this was a rush buy. Maybe next time. The diesels have a higher road tax, which has to be balanced in too.


On the positive side - I did get a lower insurance fee. About $730/year for this new car.

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Nice Outback.I have a question that is bothering me these days.I want to replace the 2008 2.5i that i imported from USA last year with a VTD+VDC vehicle and the only option except the 3.0 models are 2.5XT USA spec or European 2.5 i 07-09 4eat 173hp.Im not 100 % sure that the last one has VTD but I hope so. Do you know if yours do have VTD based AWD system ?

The other advantage of the European model are that some vehicles are sold with LPG bi fuel setup and everything in the engine is manufactured stronger (especially the valves)in order to withstand the lack of lubrication caused by the "dry" burning of the propane-butane gas and even if I'm driving on petrol fuel only there should be advantages of the reinforced engine.


For the people that wanted to replace the grill in the previous post I have to say that that grill will not fit the US model.The headlights will not fot as well although looking the same.I tried to install European lights with integrated cleaning sprayer but they didn't fit...

I have imported 3 08 outbacks this year-one for me and two for friends and there are some differences.


Here is my beast:


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Rush buy - and this was what I could get that provided the other factors that I wanted; A set of winter wheels included was the most important factor, a trailer hitch and no sunroof. (Can't have sunroof due to long back.)


As for the VTD question - It doesn't seem like mine has that since it's an '07, not an '08 (I may have gotten it wrong earlier). The 4EAT did for some cars get VTD in '08, but which ones that have VTD and which doesn't on the 4EAT is a bit blurry. Anyway - I do have VDC, heated wipers, heated mirrors, heated seats and HID:s on the car in addition to the sprayers.


This post reveals some information about the various transmissions at least: http://www.legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48112


I'll see how long I keep this one for - I'm actually a bit interested in the CVT gearbox, but then I would probably want a car with the sport option which gives the Bilstein dampers. I did test drive a CVT car a while ago, but the suspension was a bit on the soft side for my taste.

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Here is what I found out.Some European Outbacks 2007-2009 2.5 4EAT are 165 hp(121 kw DIN) and some are 173 hp.The 173 hp(127 kw DIN) version is found in MY 2007 to 2009 and this version features VTD AWD sysetm and VDC.

The 165 hp 4EAT version has the standart active AWD (like all 2.5 non turbo US spec outbacks)


The 2.5 outback has been offered with factory(or dealer) installed LPG gas setup.These cars have forged valves and reinforced engine components.

These cars have been offred in Germany for sure,not sure about other countries...


So for me the perfect outback would be:

European 07-09 Subaru Outback 2.5 173 hp VTD+VDC with LPG

That car is going to be better on fuel than any hybrid or diesel in its class without loosing anything ant it has VTD+VDC


Here is one like that:





Note the manual controls for the 4EAT mounted behind the steering wheel:



Here is some info too:



Note the manual controls for the 4EAT mounted behind the steering wheel show on the pictures from the add:



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