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when does the 06 legacygt come out?

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The downside of getting an 06 in the middle of 05 is that your car is always going to have more miles on it than it should. At the end of 06 you'll have several thousand more miles than one would expect. Unless there are going to be significant changes then you might be better off buying an 05 when they are clearing them out to make way for the 06s. If its the same car then it really won't matter too much what year it has on the registration.


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I don't see any reason why the 06 Legacy will not follow Subaru's normal schedule. When the 06 models arrive at dealers can vary by geography and dealer size.


Out here in the west coast, even the largest dealers won't get the next year model until around August. Maaaaybe July if they're lucky.


But most dealers don't want the new model to come too soon. They usually have unsold 05 inventory to worry about.



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I just spoke to an SOA rep who tells me that most of the 2006 model year

Subaru cars will be released in the summer of this year.

However, he said that the 2006 Legacy will be the last and probably

in the fall, since it's there newest model.


I asked about the changes and rumored increased power for 2006.

He said he's heard the rumors too, but not from anyone official at


He said it's doubtful it'll get a power increase. He said, we can expect some minor

changes and "upgrades" which is common from one year to the next, but no

drastic changes. I told him it would anger quite a few people if suddenly in the

2nd year of a brand new model, the LGT got more power stock.

He agreed and said that, that's why it's doubtful there will be any power increase

for 2006.


He was also unaware of the WRX getting the 2.5T motor.

I told him about the Bulletin that was scanned and going around.

He said, that's interesting and could be true, but if in fact it IS a true bulletin

that if they found out who released that, they could be prosecuted.

He also said that it could just be the Canadian market getting the 2.5T for

the WRX, since their are differences between the two markets and it wouldn't

be surprising if they got a different specification model than the U.S.

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So July has been confirmed, what about any other rumors, horsepower going up, 6 speed, or we will have to wait till July to findout.


No idea about horsepower and tranny tho.


Although here is a little something i grabbed out of another forum :




somehting is wrong on this image that makes me doubt :

5CB , 5 means the model year...



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definately, right now i have a mustang and i'm just waiting for the 06....6 speed and HID headlights would just make my day..if they don't have the 6 speed or headlights..i'm getting one anyways...mustang to a sleeper...that's a nice transition =)
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I was just at the NY auto show on Friday night. I was trying to decide between a forester XT, and a Legacy GT LTD. After seeing the redesign of the Forester, I was not impressed. So I am feeling good about the GT. The only thing, is I really wish there was a Nav system. I have heard rumours about this for '06, and I know that the European models already have this. Anyone know anything about this?





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Sooner rather than later I hope. The 05 leg is pretty trouble free but it is a new model/design and I'd rather wait for the second year of a new design so the manufacturer can iron out some things. In the case of the Legacy there doesn't seem to be anything major which is great but there's still some changes from reading the forums and test driving that could be made.
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