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08/09 DIY LGT STI Grill

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Looks nice Havanah.



Hey Squiden...does the 08/09 Subaru emblem completely cover the CV emblem holder?




I found that the Subaru emblem does cover the holder completely if you include the Subaru emblem's frame. The only issue is that the Subaru emblem assembly is a few millimeters short of the CV emblem holder (on the sides) so it doesn't cover it and fall nicely into place. The Subaru emblem is taller than the holder.


The whole Subaru assembly will sit on top of the CV emblem holder, which is why I had to use a lot of layers of the dual sided tap to finally get the emblem to stick to the holder. You wouldn't be able to use glue on the edge of the emblem's frame because there's a lot of this thin frame that does not sit on the holder.


Once installed though, you can't see the rest of the original holder on the grill.


I sanded down the edges of the holder so that the Subaru emblem could sit lower on top of the holder and my layers of dual-sided tape could make contact with the frame sooner.


I just tried to give the emblem a tug and it seems to be sticking to the grill pretty well. I don't think it will fall off.

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^Thats good to know...the 05 - 07s have a smaller emblem so there is some additional work cutting down the CV emblem holder...


...but it looks like we could just find a 08/09 emblem and save some work


I see! Yeah that would save a lot of work. If you had to cut the holder on the sides, it would be difficult and would affect the structural integrity of the grill because you would lose a contact point when cutting the holder.


I also wonder if the 08/09 emblems are easy to find, in case mine does eventually fall off. :lol:

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Well I finally did this mod this weekend, came out pretty good, spent about 30-35 bucks in total, and just hacked up my oem grill. Close up all the details are not exactly perfect, but I think the result is pretty good. So far everything is holding up pretty well.













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^ Looks great!


I need to do some touch-ups on mine. After almost 2 years, the center top and bottom attachment points have finally broken free. It actually happened at a blasted car-wash that used brushes (yes, I know, you're NEVER supposed to go through one, but I didn't know when I purchased the car wash, I promise!).

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Thanks for the write up, was very helpful. It'll be interesting to see how mine holds up, I only epoxy'ed about 8 wide contact points, and then some random thin ones on the bottom and top. The same night I put it on I drove pretty spirited on the highway to give it a test, seemed to hold up very well, nice and stiff, so, so far, so good.
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There is a group buy going for a very similar grill for anybody feeling less adventerous.




I know. I was in on the original thread when it was first started 2 years ago. :lol:


My JDM DIY grille came into fruition of my impatience and b/c they were going to eliminate the chrome ring.

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I just bought a DIY grill on craigslist and am not sure how it mounts to the vehicle. The seller's English wasn't very good but I'll paste what he said in the email...


Is made of two parts one attached to bumper cover second cover this part is not hard to install the hardest part is to take old one also i used subaru emblem from factory one but i changed back when i sold my car. it is two pieces they not attached to each other on the bottom . bottom portion of mesh is connected to bumper cover you can use screws or zip ties needs couple holes in bumper cover. second frame will cover those holes and the honey comb grill make sure you go as far as possible with the frame so sits right on the top screws . top portion of a honey comb part should be zip tie to the frame so does not bend into the radiator , it is not dificult if you handy i told you it is custom grill . if you ever convert to original those small holes will be cover by frame, if you want to put subar emblem just be careful is easy to brake when you put original a part . i wish i can help you , the hardest part is to take original out . let me know how goes .


So, from what he says, I have to drill holes into the bumper and attach the CV grill with zip ties or screws. Then clip the trim over it. Is there a way you guys are attaching the CV grill to the trim and installing as one piece? I don't mind drilling into the bumper but using zipties is going to make it a pain in the ass whenever I have to remove the grill.


These are the pics...







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He took a different (half-assed) approach to this.


It appears you can still use the cv grille you have to make this grille as was originally intended. It will just take some effort on your behalf.


I'm too tired right now to use your pic to show you where to cut. I'll do it tomorrow.

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Haha yes. 2008 Spec.B.


Unfortunately, you'll most likely need a whole new cv grille, since the 08/09 LGT/Spec B grille is much bigger than the 05-07. It wouldn't be a problem if you had an 05-07 since you'd be trimming around the missing pieces of honeycomb at the top of the cv grille anyways.


Luckily the CV grilles are cheap enough. If you can't find any on ebay, I have a couple brand new ones that I never used.

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i would love to see a photo of the BACKSIDE of the completed grille up close.. .to see the contact points, weather stripping, etc.


i just cut out my CV honeycomb, and am about to start trimming her down...

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