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FS: zero sports radiator grille + JDM undertray


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I have a couple items for sale


Zero sports radiator shroud used - $50 (local vendors ask $70-80 new + shipping)


JDM 05-07 used (can't guarantee how they fit with 08-09 JDM front ends) undertray for LGT JDM front end bumpers, it fits exactly instead of forcing owner to trim the USDM bumper undertray - $130


This is local pickup only and no negotiating on price please. I live in West LA and have an extremely busy schedule until I go out of town on Mon 8/24 and gone for the next 2 weeks, so if you can't come by this weekend to pickup, youre SOL, I have almost no time to meet you halfway.


I live in W LA at the 405 and 10 intersection. pm me if interested in either item.

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Dude I work in Culver City pretty close to that. Do you have anything else you're selling? I'm interested in seeing what else you got..


Nothing else is off the car yet, I will post those later when that work is actually done. These are just lying around right now.

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