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Just Purchased 2005 Legacy 2.5GT Limited

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Just made the jump to the Legacy from the Mazdaspeed6. I definitly get the feel that the Legacy is faster at least at take off. It is definitly more fun to drive. Real reason I switched is that it was horrible to find parts for the Speed6. I got in a accident and waited months for the car to be repaired plus they stopped making it in 07. I read a lot about the Legacy and it just seems like the sky is the limit.


Can anyone fill me in on the best upgrades I can make right away? Ones that will increase performance, fairly inexpensive and not stress out the engine. How much can this engine handle?


Also I did notice a few things that the Mazda had that I want back on the 2005 Legacy. The headlights are a big thing, I went from the xenon headlights to standard headlights. Can i just buy the xenon bulb and replace it myself or will I need to install an new headlight components?


Also how easy is it to install the spoolers yourself? I found a bunch of kits for around $250 painted without install.


Thanks! Im just getting started.

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Welcome to the forum. Let us know where you live and some body can may recommend a Tuner in your area that can help you out.


I'm sure you'll check out the Tuning forum's here.


Read, read, read and then decide what's best for you. Lots of options out there.

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COBB AccessPort is DEFINITELY the first thing to do, I wrote a thread about it a long time ago about how not to ask what's the first thing to do, just go out and get it.


For the headlights. This is an easy and relatively cheap job. You can look around on here and get a "cheap" price or just buy them straight from the manufacturer at a VERY good price. I bought mine in a group buy and paid $130 for the kit, and then realized that it's just drop shipped from ddmtuning.com. This is the place that makes them, warrants them and does pretty much everything else with the lights. You can buy them from whatevervendor.com and you'll get a box that came from the same warehouse as ddmtuning, for $70. Now the kit is only the high beams or low beams, if you want to do both, go right ahead, but you'll never need the high's once you get the low's installed. The 35W kits are slightly dimmer than the 55W kits, my buddy put them 55W's in his Volvo S40 so I've seen the difference. The install takes about a half hour with no parts removed from the car, except for the cover for your low beams and can be done with a drill, some silicone caulk and wire ties.


Welcome to the forums, we'll do our best to tell you to search whenever you ask any question. lol

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