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Oleary's Auto Detailing (New Hampshire)


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Hey if any of you are always busy, like me, you should check this guy out. He comes to your house (NH) and details your car. He brings a heavily equipped van with his own water supply.


I had him wash, dry, compound, polish, and wax and the two guys were done in a little over an hour. He charged me $75.00 and it was worth it. The car is baby soft and looks new again. His buisness is based out of Sandown, NH and he has 3 vans. He averages 600 cars per season.


Just passing along a good experience.










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My GT looks pretty good after 4 years and 53K miles. The paint feels really soft and smooth compared to the gritty feel it had even after a wash. He did a really nice job. I'm having him come back next weekend to do my wife's OB and my fathers car.


In case anyone is wondering, he charges $125.00 for a full detail including steam cleaning the interior. I only needed the exterior done and I specified exactly what I wanted.

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