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Official Deep Bronze Metallic Thread:

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She is a legacy at heart!






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has anyone considered making the reflectors on the rear bumper actually do something? i was thinkint that wiring up and LED to the running lights would look ok or maybe hookit up to the brake light. im just fishing for ideas, cause IMO they are just wasted peices of plastic lol.
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Yeah I'm sorry. I promise to do it tomorrow. We have had bad weather over here last week and it's been cloudy. I'm thinking about buying some gold prodrive pff1's(?) tomorrow and will post pics of everything. But I'll get some pics of the lip up tomorrow for sure and if the weather cooperates they'll be better than the ones I currently have.
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no fog light lol. i was just thinking out loud i guess. i dont think that lighting them a little would be illegal but it may give it a little more function and customization to the car. i am going to look into it and see if there is anything logical i can think of. ill keep you all posted.
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