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Official Deep Bronze Metallic Thread:

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what's a bra for? Never seen one before! :O



it protects the front of the car from rock chips, we have bad winters here in this part of the country and they sand the roads alot.. it prevents the salt from destroying the front of the car(sand blasting)..


some people put them on because they like the look and like to have protection year round, but i think they are ugly, and if you leave them on your car year round the bra its selfe can actualy cause scratches on the car if you dont keep up with it, thats why im only using it for the winter. I take it off atleast once or twice a month just to clean the grit out from underneath it..

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as a side note, you have to be carefull with them though. You can get dirt, salt and moisture trapped under it and it can badly scratch your clearcoat and even damage the paint. One of my friends used one on his car for two years and never really cleaned under it. He took it off when he wanted to sell the car and the hood was all rusted underneath the bra. it was mostly surface rust, but the whole hood needed to be sanded down and repainted.
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