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2009 48hrs of Tristate Official Info


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That's right folks, it's that time of the year again, when we all break out of the winter blues of no car shows, no auto-x, no road racing, no drag strips and head out on the open highway for a good cause. This is the 8th Annual running where a group of Subaru enthusiasts from all over the TriState area take a 3 day long trip covering about 48hrs of driving overall from Subaru Headquarters in NJ to the wintery snow of the Adirondacks.

This year we are planning on about 900 miles of highways, backroads and no roads with dinners and partys every night. We also will be visiting SOA headquarters in Cherry Hill, NJ we will also be visiting Subaru Distributors Corp, the company that distributed most of our cars, and Vermont Sports Car where they build rally cars for SOA. Last year we raised over $13,000 for the American Cancer Society from pledges that the participants gathered and SOA's matching donations! Our goal this year is to raise over $8,000 for ACS.

The trip will start with a dinner kickoff in Cherry Hill, NJ on Thurs Night Jan 15, 2008. We will continue on Friday morning with a visit to Subaru of America Headquarters for breakfast and then the drive will take our Subies up to SDC Headquarters for a catered lunch.

Friday night we end in Burlington, VT. Saturday morning we have a tour of Vermont Sports Car planned, a treat for any Rally fans out there. Sat night after cruising the Northern Adirondacks we will end up at Dunham's Bay Resort in Lake George for our Raffle Banquet. Sunday will take us down through central NYS ending at our closing dinner meet in Scranton, PA

All kinds of Subies are welcome on this trip. We've had XT6s, GLs, DLs, Legacies, Brats, you name it!

Several companies also have provided us with door prizes for those participating! In past years we've had $1000s and $1000s worth of raffle prizes!

The important info:

What: Group drive to raise money for ACS and have a fun 900+ mile trip along the way.

Where: Starts in Cherry Hill, NJ and continues throughout NJ and NY with stops in Burlington, VT the Adirondacks, Lake George and Scranton, PA

When: Jan 15- Jan 18, 2009

More info: http://48hrs.info


o Tour of VT Sports Car facility, where they build the Subaru Rally Cars (Awaiting Official Confirmation)

o SPT will have the SEMA Forester XTI and Rescue Vehicles on hand at SOA for us to check out for ourselves

o Biggest, Best Raffle Banquet

o SDC will be giving away in excess of $4,000 in prizes this year!

o Catered Breakfast at SOA and possibly a tour of the Subaru Museum of Cars

o Catered Lunch at SDC



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If you do make sure to register on the 48hrs website (you'll need to make a $25 donation to The American Cancer Society and you get 3 raffle tickets) as the event at SOA, SDC and VT Sportscar is "closed" due to security reasons.



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i'll be there, again this year as well.

i cant believe the lack of legacies showing up as well. last year, i bought my car brand new, it was only a few months old when i took my car through the 48hours.


my friend with the first gen forester with the wrx swap will be coming as well. few guys here saw his car at the new bruns fuddruckers meet.


i'll be registering soon paisan, no worries.

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not sure yet, idle's f'd, fuel trim probs, cyl 3&4 misfire, the inability to downshift without blipping like an idiot (so the car doesnt stall out) and looking like a jackass at a stoplight revving the hell outta the car so it doesnt die before dumping the clutch and taking off with a shit load of wheel spin thanks to the car disabling traction control. Its not a bad tank of gas either, the prob is something with the temp and its been having idling probs below 20F for about a month now with various different brands and tanks of gas and the colder it gets the worse the probs are

JDM'd All to hell


Thanks Jimmy @ Hkc-Speed.com!

RIP Coxx & Thanks

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