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handling difference between 17x7.5 and 17x8?


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How big of a difference would the handling be between 17x7.5 with 225/45 compared to 17x8 with 245/40?


I found someone whos selling 17x7.5 SSR Comps at a pretty good price, though my original plan was to get brand new 17x8 Enkei RPF1s.


Should I stick to my original plan or would the narrower wheel still be a good buy?

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It depends on the type of tires and the actual contact patch of the tires and the section width of the tires. I would decide on the tires first, then the rims.


Another important factor is the max load spec of the tire. Once the maximum load is exceeded (like in a turn) the tire will deform and you will lose traction.

Tire rack posts the max loads recommended by the manufacture. This is not the real maximum load, but it will give you an idea in terms of comparisons of sizes.


For example;


A 225/45/17 Goodyear F1GSD3 XL has a maximum load spec of 1477 LBs


a 245/40/17 Goodyear F1GSD3 (no xl available) has a maximum load spec of 1356 LBs.


The 225 will almost certainly outperform the 245 in turns!!!

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N.Sane - I'd recommend the 17x8 with 235/40/17 tires on it. You'll get a nice wide contact patch with the same or actually slightly less sidewall height (vs. the 245/40 which would increase the sidewall height slightly). Further, rubbing won't be nearly as much of an issue from what I understand.



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Thanks for all the input guys.


Well, the sale is pending to someone else for the SSR Comps, if that guy doesnt take them I'm next in line. I just realized 17" in anthracite w/ polished lip is discontinued, so I better grab 'em while I have the chance!

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