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Crunch sound in rear end over bump...


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Specifically in the rear driver's side (or at least sounds like that side). I notice it mostly when I go over a bump on one of the streets I take regularly from work to home. When I get to the end of the street where it meets the cross street, the cross street is kind of raised up from the one i'm leaving. I make a right turn onto the street, my front end goes up and then when the rear end goes up it makes a crunch sound.


The change in elevation isnt extremely abrupt, not like a sharp meet of raised road to low road, imagine a speed bump but at the top it staying level...


any thoughts?

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What are you running now in terms of suspension mods?


Had the same problem back when I first installed my rear Cusco sway bars with rubber bushings. When I went to poly bushings and greased them every oil change, no more crunch sound.

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