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Ice Racing

Billy Dagwood

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im not to sure about that area (im not from vermont and only visit a few times a year) but it kind of looks like a bay on lake champlain??


im not sure about a body of water that big but ponds down by me definatly are safe enough for the lgt... id be concerned earlier in the season but as soon as there is a good 8" plus of ice you should be fine.. the ice around me gets to be about 2.5' thick during the winter.. we have fires on the ice regularily and ice fish (great way to check thickness of ice btw) and we have had multiple trucks cars snowmobiles atvs etc all on the ice at the same time without any worry.. i say go for it and have fun


unstudded 4x4 class looks fun axel spins on ice all day long


as far as risk besides falling through unless there are temporary walls you could hit, or a body of water with vegetation coming through the ice (trees dont move) i dont see any way it would be bad for your car

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They have this every year where I grew up (Merrill, WI). As a matter of fact, my town claims to hold the World Ice Drag Championships and you will see 800hp rail cars go down the 1/8th mile track. My dad always threatened to put my car in it while I was gone (he used to run a rail car back in his younger days) and it's actually a lot of fun.
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