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upgraded wheel bearing?


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Has anyone thought about or tried to source an upgraded wheel bearing? It would basically be pressing out the stock one and finding something beefier.


One reason I ask is that I know a few WRX guys have been changing their hubs to later STi version (5x114) because the bearing is beefier and hold up better in competition. But I think they have to take the new bolt pattern too instead of keeping the 5x100.


This would definitely help if we run some of the much wider wheels like 17x10 since the load on the bearings are higher.

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hubs definitely not. The sti hubs and bearings are physically much bigger, as well as being 5x114.3. They've been like that since 05. The entire upright doesn't bolt up either because the strut mounting point is different.


6-gun racing machines the upright to fit on other struts and re-drills the hubs for 5x100. That's about. the only way to do it.

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