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Which exhaust tip do you think looks best?


Which tips will go best on a Legacy GT?  

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  1. 1. Which tips will go best on a Legacy GT?

    • Magnaflow 4" angle cut
    • Magnaflow 3.5" straight cut
    • Magnaflow 3 X 4 oval/angle

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I'm going to make my own axleback exhaust. Which tips do you think will go best on my Legacy GT?


Magnaflow 4" angle cuthttp://store1.yimg.com/I/exhaustpros_1827_3272681


Magnaflow 3.5" straight cut http://store1.yimg.com/I/exhaustpros_1827_3291231


Magnaflow 3 X4 oval/angle cut http://store1.yimg.com/I/exhaustpros_1827_3307935

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Guest JessterCPA

I like the 4" ones myself. I was leaning towards the ovals, but they look like the stockers. Please post pics once you have them installed.


I like twin tips myself (like the STi ones).


Are you sure we cannot convince you to go with something like this?


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The people have spoken, so my choice is . . .



































The Magnaflow 4" angle cut, Part No. 35121. Jesster's last minute entry had me thinking about going for a single exhaust in the center of the bumper to make my black LGT look like the Batmobile, but I don't think the wife would approve.


FYI, for the mufflers, I'm going to use Comptech cans I bought off of ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7952231846&category=33636 It's sacrilege, I know, but they are quality mufflers, straight through design, and they sound great on Acuras and Hondas. We'll see how that translates to the Suby boxer.

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Guest turboman

I put two Magnaflows with dual 3" tips. The problem with 7" long tips on all the Magnaflows is that they don't stick far enough back. Because of the depth of the body recess you can't get the muffler body back far enough. I wanted mine to stick 3-4" beyond the bumper both for ease of cleaning and ballsy appearance.


Only way to do this is to replace the silencer with one muffler, take off the stock mufflers, and put on SS tips (either single or dual tip) on as long a filler pipe as you want to get the tips back farther. Slash cut double wall 3" dual tips would give the best Ferrari look.

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I'd like four straight-wall 2.5-3" slash cut (angled) stainless pipes off the back of the car.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Perrin exhaust is like that when it comes out since thats similar to their twin tip exhaust for the WRX and STi.

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