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Difference between LGT and LGT LMT

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Just want to know if there are any real significant differences regarding the two trim models. Looking to get one this month and there seems to be about a 2 grand difference between the two.


Is it just the power leather seats that the LGT doesn't have, while everything else remains the same?


Thanks for any help.

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Guest turboman


SORRY, someone HAD to say it.


What movie is that from anyway? Slazing Saddles? [/quote}


"Treasure of Sierra madre" with Humphrey Bogart. "Badges" quote was by Mexican bandido. :D

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Limited = heavier

With much better sound deading/isolation I'm told. Haven't verified this in person but the Limited does sound quieter.



- Pro amore Dei et patriam et populum -
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and u get the Limited badge too! That's gotta have some kinda bling-value.

hahaha, i got my car this past saturday. believe it or not, i never saw another '05 legacy on the road until that day. i pulled up next to it, except it was the 2.5i (and it was white, mine is black). my beautiful GT badge seemed to glisten in the moonlight! :D



p.s. "420" posts. niiice...

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Guest JessterCPA
i got mine from the same dealership! i took off my "liberty subaru" sticker though. shhh...


who's your salesman? mine's jeff w...


I took all mine off too. License plate frame also. Looks a lot better now.


I got mine from Alex. Jeff is a nice guy too.

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