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It's Official ...


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First I have to apologize to all my family and friends here for being MIA for the last few weeks.



I have decided to pursue new challenges in life and not return to Santa Monica Subaru. This was a very difficult decision. I simply had to do what was right and good for me and my family.


I will not go into details on the public forum, so please do not ask.

I will still be here and shoot Shit with all you buddies. My services and help will always be available for everyone. Just let me know if you have any questions or whatever...


I can help with your car purchases as well. ;)


You can send me an e-mail to RezaLaleh@Gmail.com






Maaannnnn I missed you Fawkers.... :wub:

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Nice to see that you're back! ;)


Sorry to hear you're not going back to SMS. :(


ya for sure!


sorry to hear man.... let me know where your going and if they have any toher openings...hahah :lol::spin:

Current:MY05 SWP wagon - 253/290 :rolleyes: UP, AEM CAI, Invidia Q300, tuned@yimisport

OLD: MY06 GRP - 274/314 :cool:

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