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Anyone know where I can rent beg borrow or steal a car worthy of Nashville backroads?


I'm traveling there August 7-11 and open to any ideas suggestions tuner shops clubs...or...cars that aren't sleep inducing


South FL roads, all flat and all right angles, are soul crushing for any driving enthusiast...


Very grateful for any leads or info...


Nashville isn't the most exciting driving city in the world. It's not FL or west tennessee flat, but getting there. You need to get a good way east of there for the fun stuff.


I'd call up Enterprise and see if they have any Maxima's. Rented one is Seattle to take up to Mt. Rainier a month or two ago. It wasn't quite as fun as my LGT, but pretty damn good as fars as a rental. 300 HP in a FWD is about the max you'd ever want

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Im having an AWFUL experience with Subaru of Gwinnett. I will start by saying that I have spent about $10,000 in service with them over the years.


Late last year, I had them replace an engine in my Legacy GT. While doing that, they did take note that the clutch, flywheel and pressure plate were bad but declined to inform me even after I had been in correspondence with them thru email about the repair. I specifically asked if there were any issues with the car. Mind you, during this process, I had spoken to several service advisors including the service manager and not one made it known to me that a clutch was needed.


At the time of pickup, I get my car and paperwork and leave, happy that my car is back on the road. Two months later, the car won't move. I have it towed back for diagnosis and they tell me a $5,000 transmission is needed because the worn clutch damaged it. I ask them, why didn't you tell me the clutch was bad before it damaged the transmission?? Their response was "it was on the second page of the receipt in between the itemization of things we fixed". It also said I had declined the preventative clutch job even though I was not made aware that it was an issue.


So now I have a $5000 issue when it would have been a $900 issue if they hadn't lied to me about the status of the car in the first place, then lied about me declining the clutch repair.


Crap Service to say the least.

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I had them do the airbag recall on my car. I also asked about the dash recall while they had it (even though mine isn't....or wasn't terrible. It has 2 cracks right above the glove box). They said it didn't qualify. But it looks like it qualifies to me after I got it back. There's little chunks out of the edges and stuff. I'm still not happy about it....
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Just a heads up, I'll be in the market for a manual lgt wagon once my Mazda 2 sells. Please let me know if any of you will need to sell your car, or if you see any nice examples for sale locally. I'd consider an obxt, though I prefer the lgt for the brakes and steering.
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