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Opinion poll on Diamon Grey Metalic

What is your opinion of Diamond Grey Metallic  

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  1. 1. What is your opinion of Diamond Grey Metallic

    • Awesome colour, would buy it
    • Like it, but not my first choice
    • Meh, don't care for it
    • Yuck, boring, it just vanishes from view

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Darn! I shouldn't post so early in the morning. 2 typo's in the original subject.


I'm adding this response in so that the proper spellings show up for anybody doing a search. Also hopefully to head off anybody that wants to point out my errors. :icon_wink

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Now that GRP is no longer a choice it is def. my favorite color for the LGT. The paint quality issues need to be sorted out though @ SOA. I was just going over a 07 Spec B (diamond Pearl) & the shadowing & orangepeel are worse than what is on my car:icon_conf


Totally unnaceptable on cars to me.

Whether the cars are 30k....15k.....or 80k


I wish my cars paint was as nice as my buddies 02 E430 sport, it's in much much better condition than mine is:(


Love my car but the paint is a major concern of mine

Toyota 6EATS .........SUCK!!!!!!
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Eh, kinda boring. Even worse as a "limited" color:( . I like most silver colors but gray is just, well gray. It's kinda like buying a brown car, it's not real impressive unless your only other choice is tan.
Stage2.5376, TDC ProTune,blah blah blahhhh and....Alky/H20 injection :icon_mrgr
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my buddy bought an 07 Diamond Grey LGT. Its a nice color. I prefer lighter colors on cars, but thats just my taste.


SWP ownz joo!


i do like the diamond grey much better then the lighter grey. forget the name.






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Is too a good color! :spin:


Years ago I saw a dark grey BMW or Mercedes with many-spoke wheels that were painted to match the body, and with tint that matched the body pretty well. Pretty much all grey from pretty much any angle... Subtle but pervasively gray. For years I was sure that my next car would look like that.


Then my GF got me thinking about black cars again, and it was a tough call.... Stettled by finding a black GT Ltd 5spd at a fair price before finding a similar car in grey.

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I just ordered a DGM a few weeks ago. I have a black car now (Acura), was going to get silver, but when I went up to order it they had a legacy wagon in DGM in the showroom, I changed my mind on the spot. I always did like dark colors, but I am done with black, for now anyway.
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