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Head Gasket Replacement: $2800?

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My 00 Legacy wagon has been intermittently over heating.


The dealer first replaced the temp sensor at $225.


It did not solve the issue.


They now have it back and say it is an internally blown head gasket.


I guess I can buy that.




They want to redo the gasket and also replace the radiator and water pump.


List on parts is $1150 (which is pretty much list... gaskets set, radiator, water pump, Adjuster{?} and a smattering of other small items), but want $1600 in labor to replace the gaskets, install a radiator and water pump.


If I base that $80 hr shop rate that is 20 hours. I was expecting half that worst case.


Is Lithia Reno Subaru charging too much labor?


can anyone say what the SOA recommended labor hours for the procedure are?


Thanks in advance.



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wow, i would just trade up but if you really like this car and want to keep it i would see if you have any friends or family that know a reputable mechanic that does weekend jobs.


i have a nephew and a good friend that have been machanics for a long time, when my hg went on my pos neon i replaced and kept it for another 2 yrs. cost me $400 ($200 parts $200 labor) after the hg went again (older neons were known for this) i just traded the car in.

it up to you what you wanna do but imo $2800 is way too much, normally in my neck of the woods a hg job is normally $1200 at a shop.

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I paid 2400 for a head gasket on a 97 OBW. A re-built engine might be cheaper if, you can find one. That's what the dealer offered me but, neither of us could find one.


I'd say the difference between the $ is about 3 years ago for me and, I did not replace the radiator. Not sure why they want to do this unless it is in bad shape. If there's coolant all gunked up (from the head gasket leak), they might be able to flush this out and maybe are just being lazy, wanting to replace all affected components.


It is a good idea to replace the water pump, it's only about 150 - 200 of the total.

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Ah, the difference is replacing a head gasket and fixing (an engine) from a blown head gasket.


Toyota (older car, not sure about today) has a service interval for replacing the head gasket (60 K?), I don't recall anything in Subaru's maintennace manual about head gaskets.

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