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Hopefully getting our LGT today!

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I found a car through the forum classifieds that's about 100 miles from where we live. Had some great conversations with the seller and we are heading out there this afternoon with a check. If it's as nice as it looks in the pics we will be bringing it home. Can't wait!


Will post pics when we get it back, but here are the specs:


05 Legacy GT Sedan non-limited, 19k miles, 5spd, black/black

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Yeah, I bought matt82dl's car. This thing rocks and it looks like he took great care of it :)


We are in Neenah, where are you at? I think the Mini and the LGT are going to complement each other really well. They are both alot of fun in different ways. I thought the Mini was pretty quick but this LGT has piles of power.

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