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ALFA ROMEO back to the States _ FINALLY

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More competition for the performance sedan market guys!!!


Can't wait to see that coming!!!!!



Alfa Romeo Brera

Uncork the Chianti!! Italian maker Alfa Romeo returning to the U.S. in 2009 http://www.autoweek.com/graphics/aw_spacer.gif



Alfa Romeo has confirmed it is preparing a high-stakes return to the North American market after more than a decade’s absence. A trio of contemporary new models will lead the charge.


Although not officially due to go on sale here until the end of 2009 (coinciding with the company’s 100th anniversary in 2010), the new Alfa Romeo lineup is well on the way to fruition, having already been launched in Europe in the past 12 months. Engineering work is now under way at home and in the U.S. to make the cars fit for North American sale, a task Alfa Romeo officials say is a mere formality given that all three models were developed with U.S. safety and emission regulations in mind.


Among the new models the Italian carmaker has earmarked for North America are facelifted versions of the one-year-old 159 sedan, as well the recently launched Brera coupe and Spider convertible. Alfa especially likes the Spider’s chances, given its link with the Duetto, which rose to prominence starring alongside Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman in the popular 1967 movie The Graduate.


Each model coming stateside is based on Alfa Romeo’s new Premium platform (a modular structure developed with General Motors’ Saab division). The chassis supports front- and four-wheel drive, and is engineered to conform to North American crash regulations. http://cwimg.us.publicus.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Site=CW&Date=20060713&Category=FREE&ArtNo=307130001&Ref=V2&Profile=1024&maxw=490

Alfa Romeo Brera “We knew when we first drew up plans for the 159, Brera and Spider that they would likely head to North America, so we undertook the necessary engineering to ensure they would meet any existing and future standards from the outset,” says Alfa Romeo spokesman Richard Gadeselli.


Gadeselli confirms fine-tuning is taking place before the cars gain U.S. certification, which is why Alfa Romeo’s return to North America is being timed to coincide with the appearance of facelifted versions of the 159, Brera and Spider in 2009 rather than now. The delay also gives Alfa Romeo time to launch the promised performance-oriented GTA versions of each model, providing it with a potentially larger lineup.


Alfa Romeo isn’t divulging detailed specifications, although Gadeselli hints that both the 2.2-liter four-cylinder front-wheel-drive and 3.2-liter V6 four-wheel-drive versions of each model will be sold here. Depending on how diesel sales progress in coming years, there may also be a 2.4-liter five-cylinder turbodiesel in the 159. http://cwimg.us.publicus.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Site=CW&Date=20060713&Category=FREE&ArtNo=307130001&Ref=V3&Profile=1024&maxw=490

Alfa Romeo 159 By concentrating its efforts on just three models sharing the same basic platform and driveline architecture, Alfa Romeo is clearly seeking to contain costs. Success in North America could help fund crucial new models, such as a production version of its well-received Kamal concept car wheeled out at the 2003 Geneva motor show as well as a crossover to replace the discontinued 166. A new entry-level model, codenamed Racer and positioned beneath the European market 147, was also recently under consideration but may be abandoned, according to AutoWeek sources.


The decision to return Alfa Romeo to the North American market stems from a strategic plan laid out by parent company Fiat, which aims for a close alignment with Maserati. The plan calls for Alfa Romeo and Maserati to develop new models using common components to lower costs, speed development and improve profitability. http://cwimg.us.publicus.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Site=CW&Date=20060713&Category=FREE&ArtNo=307130001&Ref=V4&Profile=1024&maxw=490

Alfa Romeo 147 Under an earlier plan, Maserati was aligned with Ferrari, but that was abandoned last year when it became apparent that developing Maserati models to the same standards used at Ferrari proved too expensive for Maserati’s volume ambitions. By grouping Alfa Romeo and Maserati together, Fiat hopes to have finally found a complementary pairing.


To cost-effectively reestablish Alfa Romeo’s sales and service presence, officials have already struck a deal with the Maserati dealer network in North America that will see the 159, Brera and Spider sold alongside the Quattroporte as well as next year’s replacement for the Maserati Coupe and Spyder and a new entry-level Maserati sedan to take on the BMW M5.


The deal calls for an initial 50-strong network concentrated around large cities, although Gadeselli indicates this is likely to grow in both numbers and coverage as awareness of the Alfa Romeo brand increases.


“We’re under no illusion. The North American market is the toughest car market in the world. But it is also the largest in terms of volume. Alfa Romeo can no longer afford not to be represented there,” Gadeselli says. “We’re convinced there is potential for Alfa Romeo and we are determined to succeed.” http://cwimg.us.publicus.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Site=CW&Date=20060713&Category=FREE&ArtNo=307130001&Ref=V5&Profile=1024&maxw=490

Alfa Romeo 166

Alfa Romeo’s U.S. prospects

Alfa Romeo’s reentry into the U.S. market, timed to coincide with the Italian carmaker’s centennial in 2010, will start with a three-car push: 159, Brera and Spider. The lineup will remain unchanged until early next decade when, according to sources at parent company Fiat, Alfa Romeo may diversify with three more models that already exist as styling proposals at Alfa Romeo’s design headquarters in Turin: Kamal, Racer and 169. http://cwimg.us.publicus.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Site=CW&Date=20060713&Category=FREE&ArtNo=307130001&Ref=V6&Profile=1024&maxw=490

Alfa Romeo Kamal concept

Here is what’s in store:


159—Facelifted version of current model arrives in U.S. in late 2009. All new: 2012

Brera—Facelifted version of current model arrives in U.S. in late 2009. All new: 2013

Spider—Facelifted version of all-new model (see sidebar at right) arrives in U.S. in late 2009. All new: 2013

Kamal—Compact SUV inspired by the Kamal concept goes up against the BMW X3 in 2011

Sprint—Future uncertain for entry-level coupe seen as a spiritual successor to the Alfa Sud Sprint, developed under the internal codename Racer. Earliest arrival: 2011

169—Crossover replacement for recently discontinued 166 due in 2012

147—Entry level model currently not planned for sale in North America

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me likey too! I'd like an old graduate convertable to bang around in.:wub:
258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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Cool. US market dramatically needs more diversed offerings. U.S. has the crappiest market as far as car choices are concerned. No manual transmissons on many cars, no wagons, all that crap. Most of the coolest cars never make here or come in bastardized forms. LGT is an example.


(Although surprisngly Europe does not get turbocharged Legacy so +1 for the U.S.)

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i have to finally agree with uncle :icon_wink the US does have a crappy market when it comes to offerings, however, very low pricing (in comparison to other parts of the world) is to me well worth little choice.


i always loved alfas, and fondly remember the 1.3 and 1.7 boxer engines in the 33. alfas always sounded incredible. the engine sound as well as exhaust sound was tuned by the factory, and what a great sound it was!!! :wub:


if the price is not prohibitive (read: european) i might consider getting a 159 with the 3.2 V6 or maybe soemthing else? JTD? or at least equivalent to the 156 GTA!


:icon_mrgr but the quality needs to further improve - it is way better than when AR were last sold in the US, and is on almost par with many modern competitive makes - but they need to focus on it a little bit more.


and their interiors, WOW, so much passion in those designes... and they are still functional and modern! Alfa 156 GTA Gallery


but under current pricing, a new 156 GTA went for 40,000 euros ($50,000). 166s used to sell for almost EDIT $65k!!! none one in their right mind in the US will buy one for that much! :(






ps. i just checked a pimped out 159 3.2 wagon sells for almost $50k right now! ouch...

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"Each model coming stateside is based on Alfa Romeo’s new Premium platform (a modular structure developed with General Motors’ Saab division). The chassis supports front- and four-wheel drive, and is engineered to conform to North American crash regulations."


So let me see...underneath the Alfa styling will be a GM Epsilon platform aka the Saab 9-3. Just get a Saab, paint it red and save some $$$

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"So let me see...underneath the Alfa styling will be a GM Epsilon platform aka the Saab 9-3. Just get a Saab, paint it red and save some $$$


Ok, so instead of getting an 2006 Audi S4 340+ hp, why don't we get a Passat with less the hp?


Same thing Jedi, come ooooooooooon man!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEEHHEHEEHl


All the class, styling, and luxury and performance Alfa cars have in Europe, it is a step up the chain for sure, and US needs that, instead of buying bland american made cars, which will also tickle them in order to move towards that direction, look at the Mini Couper for instance, now we have Toyota Yaris, VW Rabbit, etc... Infiniti FX series, now all makes are coming back to the draw boards to get a Cross over vehicle, Ford Edge, Chevy Acadia, etc etc etc...


We need some drastic change in our industry, otherwise it would be only Honda/Toyota selling cars here... Puuuuuh-leeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Flavio Zanetti

Boston, MA

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This is good that Alfa is considering coming back to the United States, but I think they need to realize that the automotive game has moved on significantly. I certainly hope they dont plan on stepping off the boat and using their "Italian passion" for selling cars with a 9-3 chassis underneath. The last thing Alfa needs is selling an FWD Alfa 159 at the same price as a BMW 330. Italian passion and good looks aside, Alfa will be a dismal failure.
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Ok, so instead of getting an 2006 Audi S4 340+ hp, why don't we get a Passat with less the hp?


Same thing Jedi, come ooooooooooon man!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEEHHEHEEHl


Flavio Zanetti

Boston, MA


Well the Passat and S4 are totally different chassis. The Passat is a FWD Jetta A5 chassis now and the S4 is the B7 chassis, not to mention the engines are totally different. The point I am making is that Alfa appears to be trying to sell a FWD model and a AWD model based on the Epsilon chassis which may or may not have more HP than the equivalent Saab engines. Alfa needs to bring RWD to have any chance of me looking at them, styling aside.

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A soft-top version called the 8c Spider will reportedly debut in the United States in 2009.

Big Sticker Comeback? Report says Alfa Romeo may pave U.S. return with sale of high dollar sports cars http://www.autoweek.com/graphics/aw_spacer.gif



AutoWeek | Published 07/24/06, 8:06 am et

URIN, Italy -- Alfa Romeo is coming back to the United States in late 2008 with big-sticker cars.


The Italian brand wants the $200,000-plus sports cars to pave the way for a 2010 or 2011 introduction of three volume models.


"We have a team working on the Alfa Romeo comeback to the U.S., and we will make an announcement at the Paris auto show" in September, says Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Alfa's parent, Fiat Auto S.p.A.


Alfa plans to sell its cars through the 47 U.S. dealers that sell its sister brand, Maserati.


Alfa has postponed its return to the United States repeatedly since 2000. At the time, Fiat said Alfa would introduce the redesigned two-seat Spider convertible in 2003.


James Selwa, president of Maserati North America, will head the Alfa Romeo relaunch in the United States. He says plans are still preliminary.


"The dealers know there is work going on, and they are excited," says Selwa.


"But there is a lot more work to do on the product before we get to dealer development."


The first Alfa Romeo to go on sale in the United States will be the limited-edition 8c Competizione carbon-fiber car. The car is based on a shortened platform of the Maserati Coupe, the company said.


The car will be powered by a Maserati 4.2-liter V-8 gasoline engine, which will produce more than 400 hp.


Prices likely will start at about $200,000 in Europe.


A soft-top version called the 8c Spider will debut in the United States in 2009.


Only 500 of each 8c Competizione model will be built for the world. The United States will get half of each vehicle's production.


Around 2010, Alfa plans to launch the Spider, Brera coupe and 159 sedan in the United States.


Changes for U.S. tastes are planned. The 159 will be extended by 10 inches to add more rear legroom and trunk space.


Alfa Romeo left the United States in 1995 because of quality problems. Alfa Romeo regularly finished at or near the bottom of J.D. Power and Associates' Initial Quality Study.

Flavio Zanetti

Boston, MA

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