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ホーム > 最新リスト(Impressions)> 記事(Impressions) var ucid = Math.random()* 1000000000000000000;document.write ("");document.write ("");http://www.webcg.net/images/webcg/R000163202.jpg

http://www.webcg.net/images/webcg/zoom.gifhttp://www.webcg.net/images/webcg/season/color.gif 2006ワークスチューニンググループ合同試乗会(STI篇)


レガシィB4 tuned by STI(4WD/6MT) 【スペック】

スバル・レガシィB4 2.0GTspec.B(ベース車):全長×全幅×全高=4635×1730×1435mm/ホイールベース=2670mm/車重=1480kg/駆動方式=4WD/2リッター水平対向4 DOHC16バルブターボインタークーラー付き(280ps/6400rpm、35.0kgm/2400rpm)


















http://www.webcg.net/images/webcg/season/color.gif 色黒だけどいぶし銀

……レガシィB4 tuned by STI(4WD/6MT)


本諏訪(以下「も」):2006年5月にマイナーチェンジしたばかりの「レガシィB4 2.0GT B.spec」が素材です。












せ:このモードなら、私もガンガンアクセル踏んでいけます! パワーが控えめって、むしろ楽しい~!




















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Guest *Jedimaster*
This shot is nice- http://www.webcg.net/images/webcg/R000163204.jpgI really like the rear wiper.
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2006 ワークスチューニンググループ combined test drive meetings (STI volume) レガシィ B4 tuned by STI (4WD/6MT) < Specifications > Subaru レガシィ B4 2.0GTspec.B (based car): Total length × full × total height = 4635×1730×1435mm/ホイールベー ス = 2670mm/the car weight = 1480kg/drive system = 4WD/2 liter horizontal opposition 4 DOHC16 valve turbo intercooler attachment (280ps/6400rpm and 35.0kgm/2400rpm) It depends on the tuning manufacturer 5 corporation of automaker direct line, in "ワークスチューニンググループ combined test drive meeting", ' ' main Suwa and Seki of w ebCG participated. Just changed "did レガシィ B4" change with the seasoning STI, how minor? But dark complexion silver...... レガシィ B4 tuned by STI (4WD/6MT) This Suwa (below ""): To 2006 May just changed "レガシィ B4 2.0GT B.spec" is the material minor. Seki (below "せ"): Because pattern anther 6 step MT was loaded onto the turbo model, don't you think?. "It flies angrily and the father" satisfaction is not large probably will be? : Don't you think? as for レガシィユーザー seeking "the running of the adult". せ: This car, the eye which was seen very is the crotch lining. There is no tuning car っ ぽ く. : Also the black body color settled, it starts feeling, extremely moderately to attach also the front underskirt and the trunk spoiler is the て increases. せ: So as for this part, it has contributed to the improvement of vehicle stability of the high-speed time rather when. : Also the interior refraining from the part of the silver, reinforcing the black impression. せ: Don't you think? also the original seat of STI is ま っ black. Because this to inhale sitting down, tight not passing getting on and off by any chance, you feel at rest even with the couple. : It will try running? せ: It made temporarily intelligent mode. : Because レガシィ was conscious of environmental efficiency rather with the my chain, don't you think?. As for the part of that the reason which also STI has made important. Therefore you did not start to pas ワーユニット, the muffler was exchanged for producing the sound only. せ: If this mode, the accelerator it can keep me stepping on ringing! Power the moderate っ て, on the other hand is pleasant? ! : The using as for that however you think how....... せ: But don't you think? this riding comfort is the batch goo. The Bill Stein damper of STI tuning working well, the る air does. Especially, the high-speed corner is good, don't you think? is. Relief relief! : Furthermore strengthening the body rigidity of the based car which was raised with the my chain, with the front tower bar/the lower arm bar. Doing, you pull out the efficiency which the damper has sufficiently and the て are e.g., the pyro ball bush is adopted to リアサ スペンションリンク, it is it probably will put out, is. せ: Don't you think? well -, riding comfort being comfortable, because also driving is pleasant, it can run with a lot of. Already the blood vessel of the head is overfull. : ...... Without collapsing, don't you think?. せ: The aluminum wheel with the casting manufacturing method which adopts spinning construction method, per one carried out approximately 3kg thing light weight conversion, so is. : Also such steady effort probably will be, being effective in such running and riding comfort, the る is. せ: However also minor change of レガシィ considerably is steady contents, don't you think? also the tuning of this STI and is steady. : Very that "it seems", don't you think? is. せ: Tuning concept "without impairing comfort, calls the efficiency of running improvement", if speaking well, being to be the word which is heard well it does, but....... : Don't you think? considerably that being compatible in the higher-order origin, it increases this car. せ: After getting off, you found, however it is, this as for the brake which is not discouraged the caliper of ブレンボ make -! : Not to insist this with the gold and the lead-lead, black paint. せ: Well -, it is astringent. Just it is one unit of fumigation silver. (Kenya main Suwa Yutaka happiness & Seki of sentence = webCG/photograph = peak Masahiro/2006 July)
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This shot is nice- http://www.webcg.net/images/webcg/R000163204.jpgI really like the rear wiper.


me like teh front better :wub:



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