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Good morning everyone and Happy Memorial Day!!! It is a fine day to take a moment to remember all of those who have served to defend our country and its freedoms, and honor the sacrifices they have made...


With a day off and some free time, I figured I would say thank you to all of you who stopped by on Friday and Saturday at Lime Rock Park in Ct. to say hello and wish us well... It was great seeing so many Subaru enthusiasts out at the races and hearing all of your excitement about the great Subaru products... Here is brief report on our weekend and the success we enjoyed...


For those of you interested in Legacy GT racing news, The ICY Phoenix Racing team debutted their new Legacy GT Sportwagon in the Grand American Cup Sport Tuner race held at Lime Rock Park, Ct on Saturday May 27th... Driving the Legacy were Kristian Skavness, 2005 SCCA Northeast Division Champion, and Chuck Hemmingson, SCCA Touring 2 National Champion.


ICY and Phoenix are headquartered in Phoenixville, Pa. and represent a joint venture by long time Street Stock racers, Dave Rosenblum and Joe Aquilante. The team and crew work closely with SOA in preparing and campaigning cars in SCCA National racing in the Touring 2 class and fielded the 2005 National Championship car at the SCCA runoffs, driven by Chuck Hemmingson...


From the time the crew unloaded the car from the semi trailer, there was lots of interest in the car, first because it was a Subaru, and then because it was a Wagon... By the time the first day of practice was over, The Subaru Legacy GT showed that it was a serious contender and placed third in the first session right out of the box, and then first overall in the second session in the rain!!!


Although forced to run almost 500 pounds heavier than the other cars in the class, the Legacy GT's symmetrical AWD and turbo charged boxer engine, proved up to the task and in the rain the car was just short of spectacular..


The great performance continued on Saturday, and in the morning session the crew and drivers experimented with different chassis settingss and fuel consumption testing, still managing to set a top ten time...


In qualifying, Kris Skavness set a quick pace, showing as high as second overall in the early stages of the session, and eventually ending up 5th overall in the field of 25 cars... Not a bad place to be as the new kids on the professional racing block!


At the start of the race, Kristian quickly moved up to third position, then on lap 14, took over second... For the next 22 laps, Kristian kept pace with the leading BMW 3 series of Will Turner, while holding off a train of 6 to 8 attacking ST competitors who probably could not believe that they were chasing a STATION WAGON!!! We left the dog at home and the kids were watching from the hill... But yes... there it was. Chasing the Ultimate Driving machine, being chased by the best Sport Tuning cars in the country and still having room for folding chairs, camping gear and 15 bags of groceries!!!


On lap 36, a pursuing Acura made what could best be called a poor move, and when attemting to outbrake the Legacy, lost his own brakes and plowed Kristian off the track sending Kristian on a wild ride on the wet grass into the boondocks and narrowly missing the retaining wall..


Even though the grass was wet and other cars usually got stuck in that quagmire, Kristian hardly stopped and used the AWD to scramble out and get back on track in 13th place...


From there, he worked his way back up to 6th place, before pitting for fuel and tires on lap 69 and handing the car over to his co driver, Chuck Hemmingson... The pit stop was flawless and the crew expertly changed two front tires, filled her with gas, straightened up the groceries in the back and got chuck back on track in record time...


Chuck wasted no time getting up to speed, working his way up into the top 6 and was challenging for 3rd place late in the race. As the pack he was racing with began lapping slower cars, Chuck got held up by one of the slower cars and eventually settled for 6th place overall and the well deserved cheers of the crew and on lookers...


The car ran flawlessly for almost two hours and 15 minutes and except for a few minor bumps and bruises looks no worse for the wear..


So there you have it , a Legacy Sport Wagon GT as a racecar, in near showroom stock trim taking on all of the sport coupes and sedans and showing it can do the job...


We had a lot of fun pointing out to interested fans that this legacy runs a completely stock drive line, with stock boost, (Engine, trans and differential units), Stock brake system and ABS with racing pads... Stock suspension bushings and pickup points with aftermarket JRZ shocks and springs and the stock exhaust system with mufflers... We did ask GAC officials to allow an aftermarket sound system so that we could hear our car over the noise of other cars!!!


Subaru builds great cars and it was fun showing what the stock components could do in the crucible of real racing. We are very appreciative of the support and help that SOA provides and their unwavering commitment to excellance... We also need to acknowledge and thank all of the drivers and crew for their dedicated hard work and tireless devotion to the details day after day... Without Klevis, Jason, Paul, Carl, Bill, Franz and the many individuals who help out continuously , we would never be able to get the job done.


Next Race is Mid Ohio on June 24 an 25, so if any of you would like to stop by and see us, put that date on your calendar and stop by Mid Ohio and say hello.


Thanks again for all of you who stopped by and for the kind words and well wishes. We appreciate your support!!!

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Great write up. Did anyone from your crew take some video? Please post up any links that you know of. It would be such a hoot watching all those scrappy coupes struggling to find a way around the LGT Sportswagon!

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Congrats! :D And thanks for the good read! :)

<-- I love Winky, my "periwinkle" (ABP) LGT! - Allen / Usual Suspect "DumboRAT" / One of the Three Stooges

'16 Outback, '16 WRX, 7th Subaru Family

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Yes, good write up.

I'm interested in anything Lime Rock, BTW. That's Reeves Callaway's hood (twin-turbo 'Vette fame). Any mention of him or Lingenfelter makes me drool like an idiot...

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I was there and just wanted to say what a great time I had. Congrats on sixth place finish. You definately showed the field and spectators that you have both a strong competitive car for the class and a great team with great skills and knowledge. It was extremely enjoyable to watch despite the acura's tap. You guys came back with avengeance and still ended with a strong showing.


The team hospitality towards spectators was well recieved and just goes to show that the subaru "hospitiality" extends from local meets to sporting events and doesn't really single out anyone. My bf and I were very impressed some of you took time to talk to us (as some teams just can't be bothered. . .). We learned a lot and will be cheering you on throughout the season.


Some pics (not enough) taken:







And the thing that I haven't stopped smiling about. . .






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