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Local exhaust shop


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I had my exhaust done at Racing Trendz at like I-25 and Evans and I haven't had any problems, they did the whole exhaust with no cats and it didn't cost very much I think around like $850. Give them a call and tell Ben that Ryan sent you, tell him I have the black GT and he will know who you are talking about and he will get you a good price. 303-756-8884
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I am also searching for the custom exhaust shop. I have talked to Tommy at Street Concepts and have seen the pictures from AWDPirates site.


Here is a link showing some pics on a WRX but someone asked about doing a LGT. I need to go down and talk to him. I have called him on the phone and he quoted a price around $650 for an exhaust which I thought was reasonable. Maybe we can both go down and get a better deal?




You may have to register but the site has some real good info.


PM me if you want to go down there together.

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I've always heard great things about Bud's as well.


But, I know Tommy@ Street Concepts can do you up something nice.


Bump to see if there any new updates about good shops in the area....


I went down to Bud's today as they did good work on my two old DSMs... First, I tried to go Saturday, but they're not open Saturdays... and they are only open 8 to 5 on weekdays.. I wasn't very impressed today...


First, the guy told me a 3" exhaust was "way too big"... I let him know it was a turbo car... he then told me that, regardless, I still needed backpressure to "help" the engine.... Just playing along I said, yeah, that's what the turbo is there for...


But anyway, I got him off that subject and we got to looking at the car... I have a Cobb DP and an AVO mid-pipe and want to get rid of that taper down to stock where the two meet at the flange, that's all I wanted...


He recommended (and probably rightfully so) that since there is no flex section, that I have to have the donut and spring loaded bolts... I said great, can we do that in 3" then so it's a full 3"... He then told me they don't have 3" inside diameter donuts and flanges and if they ever get them used they are gone right away... if I went out and found one and brought it back they could do it for me, that's what everyone else does... I went to OnTrack and then to every performance website you can think of and saw no 3" donut system... I found where I can get a 3" donut, but no flanges that work with it...


At this point I'm willing to try somewhere else, but Midas and the thought of some high school kid welding my exhaust is not too pleasing..

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I go to house of mufflers on evans just east of i-25. Very quick service they allways get me in the day i call. i did a custom CBE setup using my stock y pipe, and adding on magnaflow mufflers, and resonator delete for $379 with tax. Just got it done yesterday no pics yet, but it sounds good.
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