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  1. Cool! I told him that there would be some more LGT guys coming his way.
  2. Interested in the mentioned Tactrix cable, does it include the WRX adapters as well? Price?
  3. Doing some simple sleuthing and looking at the picture properties you can glean some info that it is USB_DC3_5_to_IPOD link below. http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/265292736/USB_DC3_5_to_IPOD_cable.html Edit: If you want to do a google search this produced other companies. iPod/iPhone Charge/Sync + Audio Line Out
  4. Yes no problems. I will use him again.
  5. The only thing I could think is that your solder joint might be touching something else? I am not experiencing any sounds like you are. The only other thing I could think is that your board came off and is touching something (two face tape).
  6. The guy was awesome to deal with. He is a one man shop but I would not let that bother you. He put in the same brand of glass that was in my car already (stock). He was able to save the molding around the windshield (new from dealer is $65). He used to have a much larger windshield business but sold it, he had some dishonest guys working for him and got sick of it so he sold the business. He likes to work by himself so he can manage the quality (I like this a lot). Total with tax and him coming to my work was $193.58 (this is with heater element)!! I was quoted as high as $300 and as low as 250 before I found him. I will give it a week before I give the final judgment. http://verticaltier.com/images/misc_posts/auto_glass_authority.jpg
  7. I am going to try Auto Glass & Windshield Authority tomorrow. They are coming out to my work and install it . Scott (the owner) is doing the install and was very knowledgeable. Hopefully everything goes well. Price was lower than Safelite and Preferred Glass.
  8. What bluetooth adapter did you use? I would not mind augmenting mine to do the same. Can you still use the 3.5mm mini-plug to plug into the iPod?
  9. Don't forget to leave feedback when you purchase it and vice versa.
  10. All done. It works very well!
  11. Awesome idea. I am installing mine tonight and will mimic your switch location.
  12. If you are going to get a emission test with one cat you will not pass, period.
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