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These wheels in which color for my Obsidian Black GT


which color  

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  1. 1. which color

    • chrome
    • hyper black
    • silver
    • gunmetal
    • steel blue mica (a Subaru Impreza JDM color)
    • cosmic/magnesium blue
    • gold
    • flat black
    • gloss black
    • other (you post it)

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I am considering these ALT wheels for the GT pending the specs (I'm waiting for my buddy/sponsor), and I get to choose any color to customize it.


These are probably the most attractive wheels on the ALT menu that fit Subaru. I'm possibly making a trade: these for my rally wheels.


Any input is appreciated.





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With black, you can go so many routes...

Polished looks great and has bling

Gunmetal looks great

even gloss black face / polished lip would be a top contender for me if I had a black GT.

Shit, add gold to the mix too. I'd rock it.



Too many sweet possibilities! Head hurts!!

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^^true, alot goes with black. I'm more of the low key type so I went with gunmetal
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just buy them in silver.. just like how the BBS-LMs come. Btw, did you talk to you vendor about the sizing? You should double check that offset before you think any further.. I would have bought them, but the last time I checked, they didnt work on the GT unless you roll the fenders and put in MASSIVE amounts of camber to clear them and run "skinny" tires.
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not as crazy about gunmetal on black.(love it on silver/white).

from a far it looks plain back

e.g. black on black/80's night rider look


I'd choose smoked grey, cadmium pearl, bronze, or good old silver.

I'd also choose hyperblack over gunmetal.

However, gunmetal is certainly not the worst choose you can make.

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I'd stay away from ALT wheels. I've owned them, and they were very low quality. Everything from the finish flaking off, to poor welds and even the center cap disintegrating into pieces.


seriously, don't do it. (i dig the style though)



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Thanks all for the input.


Yea I'm still iffy on these. All I've been told so far is it is 17x8. and 20ish pounds each. Uncertain offset.


It might be safer for me to get the ALT's P1 replica wheels, which are supposedly 17x7 and weigh less than the real P1s. But the style is way too common.

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