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2001 LGT Undertray?


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I have a 2001 Legacy GT and I was rotating my wheels when I noticed that the front driver side of my the front undertray has a big hole in it. No other body damage.... Just the undetray.... Has a bunch of cracks and a hole.


I was wondering how much a undertray costs or if one of you guys had a used one for sale?

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Yes you can (from Middlebury, VT myself), there are tons of Subarus (Legacys in general) and you souldnt have to hard of a time finding it. Where are you planning on skiing?


Jay's Peak.


Alot of people that I have spoken with says it has some of the best powder and it is not to far away from where I live.

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hello, Sorry about rehasing old threads but I didn't get to go skiing or replace the undertray or what Subaru refers to as the "front splash guard" yet.

Heading down to Burlington, VT to pick up some tires and then Sugar Bush to do some skiing.

It seems the Subie dealership part department is closed on Saturday & Sunday. Is there any other place in or near Burlington where I can pick one up?

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