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Front strut tower brace.


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There is truth in search....


That being said, don't expect much out a strut bar for our cars. Its not going to make much of a difference other than the under hood bling factor, especially on an otherwise stock suspension set-up. IMO your money is better spent on a rear sway, which will actually do something.

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Search is your friend......:D



Ebay has a few




I felt a small diff when HAMMERING corners with this....but it was bought to fill the empty space with the TMIC gone ;)



Here'a bad pic of it on my car



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LOL........it's winter, that was right after a snow storm what do you want from me......:lol: :lol:


Plus that was just after installing, injectors, Turbo, fmic, turbo inlet pipe, CAI....stuff gets dirty....fast, it sucks...If i was like OC everything would be clean but I wouldn't have for anything else ;)


I have a buddy that we swap favors, he details my car (engine bay and all) once a month or so.....it'll be clean by the end of this month :icon_bigg

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The reason the strut bar doesnt make that big a difference on our cars is because the firewall is close to the top of the struts providing more support to the upper parts of the suspension then a strut bar ever will.

Save your dough,get a rear sway.



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Guest *Jedimaster*
i got the ebay :lol:"WARGON":lol: compatible bars front and rear...




Me too- I like them. I did NOT like installing the rear one though :mad:

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