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I recently noticed on a long highway drive today that I get a very noticeable whine while under peek boost. It only starts once I pass 11psi and gets noticeably loud around 14.

I did recently install a GFB hybrid bov and the wine started once I got past the ecu relearning fase so I belive that could be the culprit but I don't understand how it's making that noise. 

If anyone has had the same problem or any input it would be greatly appreciated!


(It's hard to describe the sound, almost like a muffled kid's scream but with a hint of supercharger whine)


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Did you do anything else but the the BPV? Is it set to full recirc?

Only for reference I got a Turbosmart full recirc on direction from my tuner and am still running the stock intake etc.... I 100% notice more turbo spool noise as well as a much more distinct blow off sound than OE. But nothing at all the sounds like a screaming noise?!

If always suspect shaft play when people start talking about any kind of whining/screaming from the turbo, so if it was my car, I would drop the DP and check, but to each their own.

It's an annoying job, sure, but it's worse if the turbo is about to eat itself and you do nothing.

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So whatever was making that sound must have been a leak from a boost line. I was on my way home from work and hit 100 on a back road (not the smartest move) and I assume that line blew because I don't even hit 5 psi anymore. All the easily visible lines all look intact and I used a block of wood to check my  turbo n it sounds all good. I'm just going to hope my intercooler or intake manifold ain't cracked. 

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