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Paint chipping

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Car is 6 weeks new off the lot and I noticed one spot of paint flaking FWD Center roof (car is garaged).

I'll contact the dealership but was curious if anyone else has encountered similar paint issues.

2024 Legacy Premium.

Paint Chip.jpg

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it's definitely a chip and not some junk on the paint from the transportation film, etc.?  (that comes right off with a clay bar, or with a little effort and a cleaner wax)

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Does not look like a chip.

looks like something like bird crap or sap/tar that needs to be cleaned off.

The dealer will not do anything.  Since no other areas on the car are having issues.  It will be a nicely worded get out we won't do anything situation.

I have birds craping on my cars all the time.  My house is surrounded by 100 FT trees and the birds love the berries.  The crap looks like what you took a picture of.  My daily is white and I can see it similar to your picture as well.

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